Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 6 Year Anniversary Halloween Hunt starts tonight!!! (SOLD OUT)!

This coming Halloween (Oct. 31st) marks the 6 year anniversary of Argonaut Resins!
But first, I'd like to extend a big huge THANK YOU for keeping Argonaut Resins on the scene all these years with your incredible support! Being a small indie company run by one person is tough and requires many hours put in to make the best product possible and that effort has not wavered in the full 6 years of operation.
Those amazing 6 years have gone very fast and furious and to celebrate this milestone I will be having a Halloween Hunt in the online store starting later tonight lasting all the way to Halloween on Oct. 31st!. I will randomly drop in some gift wrapped boxes of some new unseen Tuttz Mini resin cat colorways at any time, a few in the Leopard style (unreleased at the New York Comic Con, for those who missed that show) and a few in the All Hallows style. Also look for an occasional all white mystery gift package that may pop in to make things fun and interesting. All Halloween Hunt Tuttz Mini GID blind boxes will go for $40 (except for the Mystery Gift box - that will be $50) if shipped in the US, all overseas orders will be emailed directly for proper shipping costs. Are you ready?
GID Leapords ->
 GID All Hallows ->
GID Mystery Gift ->

Want to play? Good luck!