Thursday, October 3, 2013

More New York Comic Con Updates!

Artist Clinton Yaws will also have a set of custom mini's painted up as Egyptian Gods to add to his 8 inch Tuttz custom series on the table for the Argo booth # 325 on Oct.10th - 13th at the New York Comic Con. First up is the 5 inch Pharaoh Hound Mini painted as Ra the Egyptian Sun God!

 Then there's the 3.5 inch Tuttz Mini painted up as Khonsu the Moon God...

Last but not least is the Sucio Mouse painted up as  Geb the Earth God! Clinton has done such a great job with the Egyptian God stylings on his fantastic customs. Make sure you go check out Clinton's page at for more of his other fantastic works.

There's a lot more coming up for the comic con so stay tuned!