Saturday, January 23, 2021

Guess Who's Back?

 I'm back!

It took me forever to recover access to this blogsite so I apologize for that and the severe lack of posts. I hope some of you still stick around for some new updates on what I have been up to this past year. Last year was terrible probably for everyone with this horrible pandemic, loss of lives, job losses and business closures. Hopefully this year will get better sooner than later and I hope all of you are hanging in there and doing your best to stay safe and healthy.

I've been a little quiet on social media front but have been working hard behind the scenes to get the publishing arm of Argonaut Resins up and running these last few years. Whew, publishing is a very different animal but I had a good run with Xmoor Studios co-publishing with Robert Garrett (RIP) learning the ropes on independent publishing. I learned a lot more on story construction, art direction, print file preparation, editing and I'm still working on getting the big writing part up to speed.

I have five graphic novels planned to start telling the story of Tuttz, that infamous cat that just took off and stole a lot of hearts in the resin collectibles industry. He had a little tease of his life story on the back panel of almost every box package he came in so it's finally time to address that and tell the rest of big story on how he actually got to where he is.


The new publishing project is called The 6th Prince and is sort of a prequel to the Tuttz cats life before his adventures on the planet Earth. What?! Tuttz is not from Earth? Well, I can't give it away until I release the first of the five books planned. Each book will be 68 pages, cover to cover and in black and white. I will be doing all of the artwork and writing (that's why it's taking sooo long) and the good news is I have 3 books completely done and the fourth one is a third the way in!

Rest assured there will be all new resin collectibles to go with these new graphic novels and I plan to start teasing those as the first book is at the printer now. I have sent out advance book one teaser images of the project to the oldest and most dedicated collectors and supporters (thank you all!!!) and should have a few more on the way.

Here's the first blog promo teaser image to give you an idea on what this project will look like -

Graphic Novel specs and progress info:

5 books - 7 x 10 inches, landscape - 68 pages, full color covers, black and white interiors

Book One: Completed, formatted for print and currently at the printer, test print books est. arrival Jan.29th

Book Two: Completed and headed to copyrights office.

Book Three: Completed and headed to copyrights office.

Book Four: In progress.

Book Five: Planning stage.

Stay tuned for some more new exciting updates! 

Questions? Hit me up at for more info.