Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Resin Is King project revealed.

When I was asked to be part of the Resin Is king Series 2 project by Benny (Tenacious Toys) and Brian (Dead Hand Toys) I needed a design that would be really small. The box this all new resin would fit in would be 3 x 3 inches - so I thought to myself what would look cool at such a small size? Then it hit me - a mouse! A mouse would fit in that box and be in the right scale and not end up looking like squeezed down concept. Then I needed a name for this guy and thought about how mice run over everything down low all over the floor, hanging out tight dark dirty areas we never really see....what? Dirty? That's a good idea for a name but it didn't sound fun or cool in English. What about in Spanish - I am from Spanish Harlem NYC (raised there as a child) so in Spanish dirty is Sucio. Bingo! Okay, now what should the design actually look like for Sucio? Well let's see - the style for Tuttz worked on a dog (Pharaoh Hound) but would it work on a mouse? What do you think?

Another cool thing was that was asked by Benny if I wanted make the GOLDEN TICKET prize for the series and if it could be a 8 inch Tuttz. Why not? You know how much I love hiding GOLDEN TICKETS in most of my resin series runs so why not. Of course the color of this FREE prize was going to match it's mouse counterpart for sure.

And that's not all! I whipped up a 8 x11 full color print that will be sold by Kid Robot NYC at the show on Oct. 4th at 6-8PM. Hopefully Benny will post a image of my Sucio print soon online.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


How about a little teaser for my Resin Is King - Series 2 project?...Say hello to my little friend - Sucio. He came all the way from Spanish Harlem to be part of Benny (Tenacious Toys) and Brian's (Dead Hand Toys) event at Kid Robot.


Tenacious Toys in conjunction with Dead Hand Toys announces Resin is King Series 2: a blind-boxed resin mini figure series featuring the sculptural resin work of 16 artists! Each artist was asked to develop a new sub-3" resin sculpt and submit 10 pieces to the series using that sculpt. With 160 pieces in Series 2, this promises to be a much bigger release than Series 1.

We even worked with our good friend Lisa at Kidrobot: the KRNY store will host the Resin is King Series 2 release party on October 4th from 6-8pm! Many of the artists will be there in person to sign their pieces, and there will be exclusive and highly-limited prints by some of the artists available for purchase. Blind boxes and full, sealed 16-pieces cases/sets of the RIKS2 BBs will also be available, and we'll be hiding a Golden Ticket in one of those blind boxes that will get the lucky winner a sweet prize from Argonaut Resins! On October 5th, any leftover Resin is King Series 2 blind boxes will be put up for sale online at


The idea for the Resin is King blind box series was born out of an interest in artisanal resin collectibles. Brian Ahlbeck (Dead Hand Toys) and I decided last year that we wanted to shine a light on the top-level craftsmanship and creativity of resin figures and the artists that make them. We made a few phone calls and Resin is King Series 1 was born. Now for Series 2, we've expanded to reflect the wide variety of resin figures being produced day in and day out. We're always really excited as we prepare for these releases because every single WIP shot that rolls in is a brand-new sculpt! We hope you dig these resin figures as much as we do.

Monday, September 24, 2012

NYC con 8 inch Tuttz custom teasers...

Okay here we go!
I have 2 of the 8 inch Tuttz customs that have been sent out to artists a while back confirmed to show up on my booth at the New York Comic Con next month. First up is what I like to call "Beginnings" from Adam Pratt (earlier WIP images posted HERE! - all done and ready to go...) -

The next one is another all new Egyptian themed Tuttz by Clinton Yaws. This one looks like it will rival the first one he did a while back HERE.

I will post my booth info and schedule info soon for the big NYC con (I will be at two different booths at different times). Also stay tuned as I start dropping images of what I will have with me during the con next month.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Resin Is King...

I have been invited to participate in the Resin Is King Series 2 with a bunch of talented fellow resin slingers hosted by Tenacious Toys and Dead Hand Toys. I will have a all new sculpt debuting in this project and brought some friends with me - The Jelly Empire and Kilroy's Attic. Stay tuned for more info on this resin fueled endeavor - rumor has it the GOLDEN TICKET hidden in this particular series will be from...yours truly!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Big thanks to ToysRevil for putting in the hustle...I'll have the last 8 inch Tuttz ToysRevil exclusive # 6 of 6 at my table during the New York Comic Con if you missed out.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Black Cherry Destroyer Custom...

You can't stop her, nope...Emily Bee is back yet again and this time she's throwing down on a resin DetroyeR created by O'Negative (sculpted and produced - by yours truly). I had always kind of wondered what I would do with my few personal DestroyeR resins left over from the initial run a bit back...So when Emily asked if she customize them I would have been a fool to say no and now you see why...The Black Cherry DestroyeR custom will be available for purchase on Thursday, September 13th at 1pm EST at Emily's online store HERE! 

To see more of this awesome custom DestroyeR go HERE to Emily's page and find about the inspiration behind the making of it. Lady Amazo strikes again!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

KOA Mini's round 2 releasing Thursday night!

 The online STORE will open tomorrow night - Thursday Sept. 6th at 10 PM Est. time. Releasing will be another round of the Kings Of Atlantis Mini resin skulls. There will be 25 blind boxed skulls available which will be numbered on their bottoms in their custom mini crate numbered packaging. Hidden in the release will 3 glow in the dark chase skulls, just like in the sold out series 1 released a while back.

I'd like to extend a big thanks to Andy Heng of ToysRevil for the sold out Mini KOA's sent to the STGCC con! THANK YOU!