Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Had a blast at the New York Comic Con!

Here's a few pics from the New York Comic Con I exhibited at a bit back. I shared the booth with The Jelly Empire and we had a blast.

We also had some Obot articulated resins courtesy of Carbon-Fibre Media along with some custom Obots from some amazing artists (see below posts for the participating NYC con artists).

Had some 8 inch Tuttz Egyptian God customs from artist Clinton Yaws on the table along with his Mini Gods trifecta set...

And some 8 inch Tuttz Idolz from artist Megan Smithyman...

 Big huge thanks to Pete Michaud @burlyredyeti on Twitter for backing us up at the booth, making coffee and food runs too!

We even had some super special visitors stop by like Stephen from one of our favorite toy sites Plastikitty and Vanessa aka Justice Woman making nice with Selina of The Jelly Empire.

I even had a request from a Argo fan at the comic con to draw a picture on and sign her tall converse! Yup, that happened!

Also gave away a super uber rare Tuttz iPhone 4 cover lucky guest visitor Amber who actually had a iPhone 4! Cool or what?!

 We had a lot of surprise resins for the booth like these Pacific Rim inspired battle bots customized by artist Small Angry Monster (Adam Pratt) who also did some live resin painting right at the booth on Sat. and Sun. Thank you Adam!