Friday, October 4, 2013

O'Bot customs are headed to the New York Comic Con!

I teamed up with Carbon Fibre Media and brought in some super talented artists to customize their 2 inch articulated O'bot resins that will be available at the Argonaut resins booth # 325 for the New York Comic Con next week.

The multi talented artist group includes Small Angry Monster aka/Adam Pratt, Selina Briggs (of The Jelly Empire), Clinton Yaws, Emily Bee and Soko Cat! The artists were given 2 different types of O'bots to customize (one with eyes and one without) along with a tiny matching micro O'bot. Carbon Fibre Media and myself were quite blown away by what we got back from the group - everybody brought their "A" game for sure. Also click each artist link below to go to their sites and see their other amazing works...

Small Angry Monster -

Selina Briggs -

Clinton Yaws -

Emily Bee -

Soko Cat -

Want a O'bot resin to customize? With eyes or without? You can get either one in the Carbon Fibre Media online store - More Comic Con goodies coming right up!