Monday, January 31, 2011

Emily rocks the Tuttz house!

***Updated!*** Vici Tuttz will go on sale this Thursday, Feb. 3rd, 12 Noon pst. time in Emily's online store here!

has finished her last Tuttz custom from the awesome trio of Veni, Vidi and Vici. Three magnificent works of art from a very talented lady. Thank you Emily!

Go here on Emily's site to see more images of her Veni, Vidi and Vici Tuttz customs!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I was named artist of the year (2010) by Plasticandplush...Wow...truly humbling. Check out the full article here and see the rest of the other incredibly talented winners. Thank you Plasticandplush!! Wow!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Up next...

Teaser #2 for the ToysRevil exclusive wave 2 Red Tuttz...drop date coming up. There will be 6 pieces with a nice surprise...Can you guess what that is...?

The first wave of New Years metallic Tuttz have sold out and we have raised money to send to charity to help fight Cancer! THANK YOU! If you missed out on these there will be two more waves coming in the New Years Tuttz so stay tuned! Want to see a specific colorway in the release? Email me...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Years Tuttz Wave 1 release date!

The New Years Tuttz Edition will be released in 3 waves of metallic colors totaling 16 pieces. Included with the new wave 1 (6 pcs.) colorways is a special light blue (1 of 1) clear tint metallic haze chase Tuttz in which half the proceeds will go to the LCKM@$$ charity to fight cancer. This charity Tuttz will go for $100 and all the other Tuttz resins will go for $55 (plus shipping and handling) and will be on sale in the Argonaut Resins online store on Wednesday January 26 at 9PM est. time.
The 6 piece Wave 1 New Years Tuttz features -
Charity (clear tint metallic haze chase figure)
For more info on the Luekemiia Can Kiss My @$$ charity group you can get that here at these links:

Stephen Benzel (contact for LCKM@$$ charity)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Silver Skulls tonight!!!

The Kings of Atlantis releases are starting to wind down with very few pieces and colorways left. Tonight at 8PM est. there will be some all metallic silver Peace Kings available in the Argonaut Resins section on the Tenacious Toys website - here! Don't be late!!! Wow - I got my own section on Tenacious Toys - how cool is that! Thank you Benny.

You get a custom hand made crate box package, a signed Certificate of Authenticity and a blind boxed Talisman magnet. Hmmm Peace King - what powers could this skull possess? Email me your thoughts and who knows maybe the best answer will get a little something something in the mail.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Custom Tuttz Cinch bags now available!!!

Hey Tuttz fans this one's for you!!!
The second Obed and Argonaut Resins project is now complete and now available to own in the online store! Terrence O'Neal of Obed Board Bags whipped these custom bad boys up from scratch and they're 17.5 inches tall by 14 inches wide made with waterproof ripstop black nylon and they come in two different styles. Each bag comes with a sewn in Obed custom label of authenticity.

Up next - Wave 1 of the New Years Tuttz. Hang tight...and don't sleep.

Friday, January 14, 2011

How about some more behind the scenes?

As promised...What people don't know is Terrence O'Neal of Obed Board Bags is like a damn whip...we start talking about things, crazy ideas, collabos and such and he goes home and MAKES STUFF THE SAME NIGHT!!! Now that's some scary ass hardcore production...I can relate to artists like that. Hatching schemes and executing them on the fly - in a flash...So, think you know what we making from scratch over here...? This was the first project collabo (for the ladies) we did here...and yes we heard all those "Murse" jokes...(male purse, very funny Mr. Jeremy Brautman)...

The first part of the full reveal is next...we'll be rounding up some models and doing a photo shoot for the second part of the reveal...Any beginner models out there (local to NYC and NJ please) wanna give us a hand maybe? Email me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Argonaut Resins and Obed round 2!

You never know what you're going to see when you come to this blog especially when the sky's the limit around here. We know no bounds and will always be up to something - just what that is you'll have to hang around and find out. All I'll say for now is Obed (Terrence O'Neal) and Argonaut Resins round 2!!!

More revealing behind the scenes pics coming very soon so stay tuned...

Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Years Tuttz release and LCKM@

Wonder what's taking the first wave of New Years Tuttz so long to be revealed with a drop date? I was contacted by Stephen Benzel of Leukemia Can Kiss My @ss organization and was asked if I would make a special Tuttz where some of the proceeds will go to help fight cancer. I had already decided this year I would start doing more charity work and thought this would be a great start for Argonaut Resins. There will be 15 New Years Tuttz (just like the Xmas Tuttz) and they will be released in 3 waves and #1 of the 15 will be the light blue metallic clear tint chase shown below. It will be available in the online store soon with the other 5 New Years Tuttz of wave 1. Full reveals and drop date coming up!
Be sure to also visit the Lukemia Can Kiss My @ss Facebook page here.

Monday, January 3, 2011

***UPDATED!***Late New Years projects n stuff....

Here's a sneek peak on what's coming up soon - the ToysRevil wave 2 Red Tuttz! For those of you who missed a TRE Red Tuttz here's your last chance to get one! Six will be up for grabs.

I also have some metallic and clear tint styled Kings of Atlantis resin skulls. There will be no big announcements for these next 5 skulls and I will just put them in the online store for sale when they are done and ready to go - one at a time. Watch the store!!!

And the better late than never - New Years Tuttz release. I'm working on 5 - 6 different colors for this release and may make just a few of each color way. Remember the metallic looking dark blue Tuttz chase from the Xmas wave? Let's just say I'm going in that direction with this next batch...Oh, if you missed out on the dark blue Tuttz Xmas chases you may get another shot at a new slightly different one or two...tease tease....

I hate falling so far behind schedule but I can only still do but so much right now so please bare with me as I work my way back up to full speed in the next few weeks.