Sunday, June 28, 2015

Glow In The Dark Night Shoot

Most of the Mariposa and DragonFly resin figurines I make glow in the dark and are very difficult to photograph in the dark unless you have a really good camera and know how to use it. I have enlisted the help of photographer Deborah Montanez to take these type of night time pictures so they you can see how the figurines really glow with detail. I like using glitter and confetti because it changes the entire feel of the bugs and gives them exotic textures so it's like you're getting two figures in one once lights go off.
The images below are from Wave 3 which are on sale now in the online STORE. Keep an eye on the online store as more figures will be added over the next few weeks and if you have any questions you can email me at argonautresins(at) for more info about this project.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Mariposa Wave 3 On Sale Now!

The wave 3 Mariposa and Dragonfly resin figurine series is now on sale in the online STORE. This wave will be 24 pieces released in batches starting today all through next week so keep an eye on the online store for more updates. There will also be a blind box or two included with this run of 12 butterflies, 4 horned variant butterflies and 8 DragonFly pieces. Most will be glow in the dark figures infused with metallic glitter and confetti along with a few new styles to round out the bunch.
All orders come with a signed certificate of authenticity, instructions on how to put your bug toy together (it ships in parts) and die-cut custom vinyl Mariposa sticker. All bugs are numbered and signed on their bottoms by artist/creator/sculptor Eric Nocella Diaz.

 Vampire Mariposa!

 Haunted GID DragonFly!
 Pool Party Bug.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nymph Micro Bug Update

The all new micro bug Nymph Dragonfly figurine is now in production and should be completed soon and off to get painted in the next few days. There will be only 10 of a partcular colorway style for the Toysrevil 10 anniversary and I'm still working on what the final look will be so stay tuned for more updates. I included a few pictures of the Nymph with the Mariposa and DragonFly resins so you can see the scale of the little guy. The Nymph will also have the full color sparkly gem eyes just like the larger figurines.
Releasing July 2015!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The July Project - Toysrevil Turns 10!

My July project will be a all new sculpt debuting for the Toysrevil turns 10 year anniversary. I was chosen with a few other very talented artists to exclusively participate in producing a 10 piece resin project to commemorate this event. Andy Heng has been a major supporter for Argonaut Resins brand since it's inception almost 8 years ago and I am honored to support his endeavor. As we all know being able to do anything for 10 years straight is quite an accomplishment in this day and age so - Andy I salute you!
Below are the teaser images for my contribution which will be in the month of July (which also happens to be my birth month and why I chose it). This project is called Nymph and is a all new sculpt featuring a baby micro version of my Mariposa / DragonFly figurine. Stay tuned for more updates on this project as the month of July approaches...

Looks like he's say - Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mo

 Removable swappable wings...??? Who knows, maybe, maybe not.

 Gems in the eye slot test on the prototype sculpt.

Nymph DragonFly wing size comparison to the actual Mariposa wings.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Online Store Opens Tuesday June 2nd. Mariposa Wave 2!

Argonaut Resins will be releasing wave 2 of the Mariposa (butterfly) resin figurines on Tuesday, June 2nd at 9PM est. time in the online STORE with some all new colors and styles. In this wave there will be glow in the dark pieces and a few non glow solid glittery versions along with some chase DragonFlies and horned butterfly variants. Each bug will be signed and numbered on their bottoms and come with a custom Mariposa designer vinyl die-cut sticker, signed certificate of authenticity and instructions on how to put the figure together (all figures ship in parts). This wave is compatible with the sold out wave 1 with the removable/swappable wings and horns and will retail for $45 shipped in the US.
Wave 2 Mariposa is designed, sculpted, molded and cast up by artist Eric Nocella Diaz and will be limited to 12 resins (one will be blind boxed).