Tuesday, August 30, 2011

El Diablo mini...? Vlad's back?

Yup, that is correct! How about another secret project reveal and a surprise on top of that!
Well, more like a teaser to be honest. I've reteamed with the incredibly talented Robbie Busch for another round of EL DIABLO resin figure madness. We had a lot of success with Robbie's EL DIABLO resin not too long ago and now we're back with a all new figure in progress and it's a - MINI!!! This new little guy will top off at 3.5 inches and we're hoping to have him ready for the big New York Comic con in Oct. this year (fingers crossed!)...

And while we're at it how about another round of "How We Do It" - sculpting the resin toy - with some behind the scenes work in progress pics of the EL DIABLO Mini.

Oh - before I forget...did I mention the Jared Deal's Vladimir happy bat resin (pictured below is the old version) will be showing up at the NYC con as well? How about a slightly different version than the first release? Return of the Mac...watch for it!
If you haven't seen the earlier EL DIABLO and VLAD releases (all sold out!) you can see everything on them in the back pages of this blog from the beginning or trusty Google...just sayin...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Argo Dunks on sale now! (***SOLD OUT***)

Hit up the Cookies-N-Cream online store to get your Sneaker Head resin fix! Wave 1 has five cool styles to choose from. Happy hunting! Check it all out HERE!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Action figures..?

My apologies for the lack of posts lately as things have been a tad hectic with the big New York Comic Con on it's way. I've also been trying to relocate the studio to a bigger space because I've run out of room with all the current projects in the works. The good news is my Tuttz character has crossed over with Onell Designs Glyos system. A good friend of mine (and uber toy guru) Rob Losito introduced me to master toy maker Matt Doughty at last years NYC con and suggested we work together on something Glyos related. I fell in love with the popular little articulated mix and match Glyos figures that Matt produced and wanted to get in on the action. Rob suggested the mini Tuttz would be a really cool crossover project and Matt was gracious enough to bless us on this endeavor and send over some Glyos parts to get the project under way. Seeing that this project was going to be a ton of work I brought in Victor Durango to help get the body styles right and do all the intricate paintwork. I also brought in The One Cam and When Giants Meet to do the dynamic and exciting photography. What you see below is just the tip of the iceberg on what we have planned for this Tuttz Glyos project called the Bad Luck Squadron so stay tuned! Tough black cats that get sent on the most dangerous missions and always come back! Bad luck for whomever runs into them...
The Leader...
The Warlord...The Minions..

I will be at the New York Comic Con with all sorts of goodies and I will be posting updates on all of those upcoming projects soon. Tuttz Mini's Series 1 - 5 have all sold out! Thank you for you continual support and there are lots more exciting resin projects on the way...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pharaoh Hound Prototype sculpt completed!

Argonaut Resins 13th designer resin is...the Pharaoh Hound! Pharaoh stands at 8 inches in height and is now in resin production. This is the companion piece to the popular Tuttz resin that has been selling out all over. The hounds will be signed and numbered on their bottoms and come with custom packaging, signed certificates of authenticity. Edition sizes, pricing, colorways and release dates will be forth coming - so stay tuned!

Tuttz Mini's Series 5 will finish up next week - #'s 12 - 25 will be available in the online store.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Argo Dunks....update...

Custom packaging for wave 1 of the Argo Dunks resins for Cookies-N-Cream completed! Release date and pricing up next...If you click the link above you can also see the latest Argo Dunk colorway of wave 1...and you can see another one HERE!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Want to win a FREE Tuttz Mini from Series 5?

Here we go again! Want to win this Blood N Gold clear tint Tuttz Mini from my ongoing Series 5 set? This time Tenacious Toys is in charge of the latest Argonaut Resins freebie and to find out how get a chance at snatching this bad boy up go HERE on Tenacious Toys FaceBook page for all the details. Good luck!

Tuttz Mini's Series 1 - 4 have all sold out. Series 6 will debut at the New York Comic Con in October. I will be sharing a booth there with my indie publishing company Xmoor Studios!