Wednesday, August 25, 2021

The Cats Out The Bag!

 In spite of all the world craziness I guess the arting must go on... unless we'll lose our sanity right?

So this is this years big surprise tease unless you seen some of it on the ToyartUK sites all over the internet already. My buddy and good friend Nick Andrews is going full blast with the in person live ToyartUK show in Leeds all the the way across the pond in England. 

So you know I have to send him a little something something from Argo for that amazing show next month that will be as cool as heck. How about some crystal clear Tuttz cat Fairies? Nick will have a few early release cat fairies on hand at the show so good luck grabbing one. They will come with signed box packaging and a signed numbered Certificate Of Authenticity from yours truly.

Need a  > TICKET < to the ToyartUK show in Leeds? Click the ticket link.

Friday, August 13, 2021

My Publishing Interview on ToysRevil in Singapore!

 I just recently did a fully inclusive interview on what's going on at Argonaut Resins along my new publishing endeavor with Grandmaster blogger Andy Heng over on his ToysRevil website - >

Andy did a nice retrospective on the Argonaut Resins journey since it's inception doing resin collectibles all the way up to the graphic novels I'm now releasing based on the Tuttz cat brand. Andy has been a huge supporter and great friend to my company and I really appreciate all of his help getting the word out there helping me get seen on the vast internet. I hope you enjoy the exciting interview as it's loaded up with all sorts of images and videos showing a lot the works going back to 20008.

Thank you Andy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

The 6th Prince Book 2 The Ferals Release Date Info!

 The 6th Prince Tuttz cat graphic novels are back with book two - The Ferals! 

Just like book one - Lost Cause, this second book is 68 pages with full color covers, black and white interiors in the 7 x 10 landscape format. Book two features a full on wild battle action flashback before Tuttz and his siblings head off on their epic space adventure to find and recover a lost artifact and worldly power source. 

There will also be all new 8.5 x 11 full color art print included with each book purchased.

Book two The Ferals will be available in the online store on Friday August 6th at 9pm Est. time for $12 (plus $5 for shipping and handling)  -
Keep an eye on the Argonaut Resins blogsite for even more information - 
If you have any questions about the series - email me at -

Cats, witches and Demi-Gods battle for survival and supremacy when they cross paths in this spooky mythological space opera.

There are five graphic novels planned for this Tuttz cat series.