Friday, April 29, 2011

Now that's Royal!

Thank you Spencer from the UK!!! Awesome!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

El Diablo at the Chick-A-Boom show!

I just got all these nice images and links from Robbie Busch from his solo art show Chick-A-Boom still running at the Mighty Tanaka gallery in Brooklyn. We whipped up 4 all new metallic styled El Diablo's designer resin art figurines for the show to go with Robbie's all new paintings and photography. I had a great time, met some awesome new people and even got to see my first burlesque show! There are still some of these exclusive EL Diablo resins left and any orders for them along with Robbie's beautiful paintings and photos can be placed by emailing: ***UPDATED!!!*** The closing party at the gallery will be on Thurs. May 5th...6pm to 9pm.***

Mighty Tanaka
68 Jay Street
Suite 416
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Train: F Train to York St
(1st stop in Brooklyn)
Hours: Wednesday – Sunday, 1pm – 7pm
Phone: (718) 596 8781

Links to more exciting photos of Robbie Busch's Chick-A-Boom solo art show:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Toy Street mother load!!!

Yeah I know - here we go again...He's late yet again! Well I've been very busy, super busy. I wanted to make more stuff for Toy Street but this batch of goodies will have to do. Okay let's see - we have some Tuttz Mini's Series 2 (Only 21 pieces since 4 advance pieces sold at MOCCA).

Then we have some collabo Toy Street Exclusives I'm doing with The Jelly Empire. This time we have 8 sets of matching cats and bots with some glow in the dark pieces and some Kings Of Atlantis Talisman skull Magnets added in 3 of the sets for FREE! There's even a GID WereWolf Jelly Bot in one of the sets. We went what?

Check out Selina Briggs customized Tuttz and JellyBot set. Going to be hard to let those go...maybe I'll hide that set under our table...hmmm...

How about a GID Frankenstein Jelly Bot too...yup we got that too....AND that's not all! We have more Zombie Bots too! Sounds like a bad commercial but it's all true...see for yourself -

How about a few other super cute Jelly Bots while we're at it? Okay -

Coupla Surfer JellyBots....just sayin....we got em...

Just ONE more thing before this blog post blows up - my little "something something" for the awesome Cookies-N-Cream crew. A teaser of my Toy Street SneakerHead custom - Ice Ice baby!

See you at Toy Street!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Toy Street!!!

I'll be at Toy Street in NYC this coming Friday Aprill 22nd sharing a table with Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire. I'll have all the rest of the Tuttz Mini's Series 2 cat resin figurines there along with some special collabo Jelly Bot match ups similar to what we had at the MOCCA Festival last weekend.

Here's a teaser for one of the glow in the dark Zombie Jelly Bots. I will post more images through out the week of what will be on our table at Toy Street so watch for it!!!

We got a write up!!! Selina got a "Local Designer Spotlight" in Brooklyn's GreenPoint Gazette! She was interviewed and photographed by Holly (of The Dress Reycler fame) and guess who got a nice mention (and a pic too)??? Thank you Holly! Read the full article HERE!
***Collaged image courtesy of SpankyStokes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

El Diablo is back!

Well kinda sorta...Robbie Busch has a solo art show coming up this Friday in Brooklyn and wanted to make a new mold of his El Diablo resin figurine to make some uber special runs. Check out how it went down - First I whipped some all new castings. This time I brought in Victor Durango (aka Soundwave810) that I'm training to help me out with some of the tooling and sorts of other shop tasks at Argo. Kid is catching on fast and can paint like a mofo! Thanks Vic!!! Then I ground off the clunky foot spouts in the sealed up grindbox (I'm allergic to the resin so it has to be contained as much as possible when ground up). Thought I was just working on cats?...heh...

Then the Diablo's are primed up in black spray primer. I don't use the el cheapo stuff - you get what you pay for (so true).

Then it's off to my trusty makeshift airbrush spray booths (ala cardboard box - cut just right!) Being able to spin the resins on the "Lazy Susan" makes it easier to paint quickly. I have no idea why they call it that so - just click the link...

Since I knew this particular paint we were going to use rather well - Robbie B. let me get my airbrushing extravaganza on. Heh, let me tell you, if I missed a spot Robbie told me about it, LOL.

The end result - is one happy artist camper with all new goodies for his show ON TIME!!! We did four really nice metallic rendered figures for Robbie's solo art show this Friday. Wanna go? Get all the info HERE on Robbie's blog. So that's it for a project in the middle of several other projects at Argonaut Resins. That's how we do it...

Friday, April 8, 2011

What..?! There's more?!

Mo Jelly Bots - mo Jelly Bots! Well now you get to see the stars of the little zombie banner movie - ladies and gentlemen I give you the Jelly Zombie Bots!!! Hey - where did that axe come from? Oh look - key chains too! Make sure you stop by Selina's table #L23 at MOCCA Festival this Saturday and Sunday and say hi (and maybe snatch up a Jelly Bot or two...) I'll be walking around with some advance Tuttz Mini's from Series 2 if you can find me...Happy hunting.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


How about a triple surprise? Why not...? Here's the MOCCA resin exclusives that go with The Jelly Empire release this weekend at the show in NYC. A super special resin trifecta with matching Jelly Bots and Tuttz resins! The GID zombie green and day glow pink set will be at Selina's Briggs table # L23 at MOCCA and I will be carrying the the third set (all clear tints!) around with me at the show. I threw in a matching Kings Of Atlantis blood tint Talisman magnet for FREE with my set. All MOCCA exclusive Jelly Bot and matching Tuttz sets will go for $40 each - don't be late!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Robots gone wild!

Here are a few updated pics of some of the finished Jelly Bots and their custom matchbox packaging all hand painted by Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire. Enclosed is one of the glow in the dark robots from this series. We're almost done and will have the final round of shots soon loaded up with some nice surprises. The Jelly Empire now has a table # L23 for MOCCA festival!!! Pricing to be announced shortly.