Monday, October 31, 2016

Gato Muerto metal Lapel Pins!

Argonaut Resins finally has a metal lapel pin in production and the first one underway is the Gato Muerto Tuttz cat sporting his spooky cat Halloween costume. The pin design is based of popular original vector art by artist Eric Nocella Diaz that has been produced as die-cut vinyl stickers and two side printed sold out tshirts. The Gato Muerto pin is 1.5 inches long and has a double peg back and will be available soon in the Argonaut Resins online STORE.
Keep an eye out on all of our social media for the Gato Muerto lapel pin release date.
Big huge thanks to Gorilla Bugs on handling production for our first pin - Thank you!

 Gato Muerto die-cut vinyl stickers.
 Sold out Gato Muerto two side printed tshirts.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New York Comic Con 2016 Wrap up!

New York Comic Con at the Javits Center went over very well this year as I teamed up with a few more artists and got more elbow room and created a collective at a new booth space #404 in The Block. The new artists and companies joining Argonaut Resins and The Jelly Empire this year were Robert Garrett of Xmoor Studios sharing table space with N.Steven Harris (artist of Ajala, Solar Man and Watson And Holmes comic books) and Jerome Walford of Forward Comics.

The con was much busier than last year and everyone in the 404 collective did well over the four day con. This year like last year I brought in the super awesome Deborah Montanez to run the Argonaut Resins booth freeing me up to properly meet and greet old and friends and make plenty of new ones during the entire convention. Our good friend and major supporter Mr. Mark Maksimik hung out with us the entire con. Special thanks to Alyssa and Kristina for also keeping us company and making sure we were okay during the con. Yall rock!

I had a secret release of some of the 2 inch Micro 3D printed Tuttz cats at the booth that sold out pretty quick. This year there was some Tuttz OG's Mariposa's, Piragua's, Tuttz Mini's, die-cut stickers and the all new spray can magnets.

 The Customs Jam project with all the guest artists did very well and the fans and collectors snatched a lot of them up on the first two days of the comic con. Big huge thanks to the entire Customs Jam crew for going above and beyond this year. All of your works made the table shine very bright at such a major show and everyone who stopped by the booth loved the customs. Take a bow!!!

 Chauskoskis - Walter Jacott
 Laura Alvarez
 Laura Alvarez                                                                                                               
                                                                                                                               Calvin Grace

 Cassandra Jerman                                                                                                                                             Angella Powell

Laura Alvarez                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Playful Gorilla

 Lauren Budney
                                                                                                                            Cash Cannon

 3D Hero

Rich Page

 Kay Love
                                                                                                                     Kris Dulfer

 Laura Alvarez
Selina Briggs

Mysterious Cube                                                                                                                Nemo
                                                    Heath Duntz

                                                                        Selina Briggs - The Jelly Empire

I also had some live painting at the 404 booth by artists Cash Cannon and Laura Alvarez on Saturday and Sunday. Awesome customs jam artist Playful Gorilla aka Alexis Rivera also provided the all new annual 11x17 Tuttz cat poster - Tuttz In Philadelphia!

Big huge thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and for making this my best con ever - THANK YOU!!! See you all next year!