Saturday, January 26, 2019

The Red Devil Tuttz Cat Tshirts Are Now Available On The Plastic Tree Designs Website!

Argonaut Resins has teamed up with Plastic Tree Designs
this year to produce some exciting new tshirts featuring some of my popular art images. The shirts will come in all sizes from small to XXXL and retail starting at $25 plus shipping. The first of the three planned will be the Tuttz Red Devil Cat based off of my original sketch card art, sold out custom vinyl stickers and sculptures.

The Red Devil cat is now available to purchase here on the Plastic Tree Designs website -


Monday, January 21, 2019

Happy New Year And All That Good Stuff!

Late again!
Yeah I know, sometimes life gets me too...but fret not as I have been busy tinkering away on some new projects that will get here eventually. I had to take a step back and re-evaluate a lot of things and it looks like some change will be forced in no matter what. This company has been cranking fiercely for ten years straight and I think it's time to add some other platforms into the mix and freshen the gig up a bit. I have a few collabos that will be popping up as I get the new goodies ready so bare with me as we go.
First up are some custom collabos on a older bust sculpture Keylon Jakes Galtow Samurai Warrior I did for Xmoor Studios a while back that will be dropping in the online store as we speak. I have a few of the classic original red suited versions from my private stash that I will put up as well as a few custom chase variations that were very limited.
The first custom is by artist Chris Soprano who did an amazing weathered stone paintup that is in the online STORE now.
Go check out some of Chris Soprano's other awesome works here -

All the customs will be signed and numbered and come with a custom box. The katana sword and metal cast claws are removable so you can display it in a few different variations.

Next up? Tshirts!!! Hope you like them...