Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 6 Year Anniversary Halloween Hunt starts tonight!!! (SOLD OUT)!

This coming Halloween (Oct. 31st) marks the 6 year anniversary of Argonaut Resins!
But first, I'd like to extend a big huge THANK YOU for keeping Argonaut Resins on the scene all these years with your incredible support! Being a small indie company run by one person is tough and requires many hours put in to make the best product possible and that effort has not wavered in the full 6 years of operation.
Those amazing 6 years have gone very fast and furious and to celebrate this milestone I will be having a Halloween Hunt in the online store starting later tonight lasting all the way to Halloween on Oct. 31st!. I will randomly drop in some gift wrapped boxes of some new unseen Tuttz Mini resin cat colorways at any time, a few in the Leopard style (unreleased at the New York Comic Con, for those who missed that show) and a few in the All Hallows style. Also look for an occasional all white mystery gift package that may pop in to make things fun and interesting. All Halloween Hunt Tuttz Mini GID blind boxes will go for $40 (except for the Mystery Gift box - that will be $50) if shipped in the US, all overseas orders will be emailed directly for proper shipping costs. Are you ready?
GID Leapords ->
 GID All Hallows ->
GID Mystery Gift ->

Want to play? Good luck!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Had a blast at the New York Comic Con!

Here's a few pics from the New York Comic Con I exhibited at a bit back. I shared the booth with The Jelly Empire and we had a blast.

We also had some Obot articulated resins courtesy of Carbon-Fibre Media along with some custom Obots from some amazing artists (see below posts for the participating NYC con artists).

Had some 8 inch Tuttz Egyptian God customs from artist Clinton Yaws on the table along with his Mini Gods trifecta set...

And some 8 inch Tuttz Idolz from artist Megan Smithyman...

 Big huge thanks to Pete Michaud @burlyredyeti on Twitter for backing us up at the booth, making coffee and food runs too!

We even had some super special visitors stop by like Stephen from one of our favorite toy sites Plastikitty and Vanessa aka Justice Woman making nice with Selina of The Jelly Empire.

I even had a request from a Argo fan at the comic con to draw a picture on and sign her tall converse! Yup, that happened!

Also gave away a super uber rare Tuttz iPhone 4 cover lucky guest visitor Amber who actually had a iPhone 4! Cool or what?!

 We had a lot of surprise resins for the booth like these Pacific Rim inspired battle bots customized by artist Small Angry Monster (Adam Pratt) who also did some live resin painting right at the booth on Sat. and Sun. Thank you Adam!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Come see Argonaut Resins at booth #325 at the New York Comic Con this weekend!

Here are some of the new Tuttz Mini and Pharaoh Hound resins I will have on the table at the New York Comic Con this weekend -

The second set of exclusives for Comic Con will be these glow in the dark confetti filled Tuttz Mini's, Pharaoh Hound and Sucio mouse resins only available at the ToyCave booth #2281-#2283.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Terminators! (SOLD OUT!)

A few of these will be loose at the New York Comic Con on Sat. Oct. 12th. Are they looking for you? Rumor has it they have survived several firefights and have left no survivors behind in their search for their targets. I hope you are not on their list!

Tuttz Mini Terminators are a collaboration with artist Leroy Wilke's of Kilroy's Attic. He carved down a regular Tuttz Mini resin I sent him to make that amazing skeleton which is cast in cold cast metals. Super awesome or what? Make sure you go check out Kilroy's Attic and try and get your hands on some of Leroy's other incredible works HERE!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


...we have......just received....transmissions from several locations....that have been destroyed! I repeat image out..then...destroyed.....there survivors...these things...we don't know what they are...they are looking and are now the New York...Comic......Con! only.....image we...were able to.....transmit....broadcast...from LOCATION 1......stay away from the con.....

.......we.........will try and send...another...image from LOCATION 2.......shortly......

Friday, October 4, 2013

O'Bot customs are headed to the New York Comic Con!

I teamed up with Carbon Fibre Media and brought in some super talented artists to customize their 2 inch articulated O'bot resins that will be available at the Argonaut resins booth # 325 for the New York Comic Con next week.

The multi talented artist group includes Small Angry Monster aka/Adam Pratt, Selina Briggs (of The Jelly Empire), Clinton Yaws, Emily Bee and Soko Cat! The artists were given 2 different types of O'bots to customize (one with eyes and one without) along with a tiny matching micro O'bot. Carbon Fibre Media and myself were quite blown away by what we got back from the group - everybody brought their "A" game for sure. Also click each artist link below to go to their sites and see their other amazing works...

Small Angry Monster -

Selina Briggs -

Clinton Yaws -

Emily Bee -

Soko Cat -

Want a O'bot resin to customize? With eyes or without? You can get either one in the Carbon Fibre Media online store - More Comic Con goodies coming right up!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

More New York Comic Con Updates!

Artist Clinton Yaws will also have a set of custom mini's painted up as Egyptian Gods to add to his 8 inch Tuttz custom series on the table for the Argo booth # 325 on Oct.10th - 13th at the New York Comic Con. First up is the 5 inch Pharaoh Hound Mini painted as Ra the Egyptian Sun God!

 Then there's the 3.5 inch Tuttz Mini painted up as Khonsu the Moon God...

Last but not least is the Sucio Mouse painted up as  Geb the Earth God! Clinton has done such a great job with the Egyptian God stylings on his fantastic customs. Make sure you go check out Clinton's page at for more of his other fantastic works.

There's a lot more coming up for the comic con so stay tuned!