Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!
Thank you all for a great year and and I wish you all happiness and continued success in 2016

One of my biggest goals for 2015 was to draw more 2D art and I drew over 200 sketch cards! You can see most of them here on my Argonaut Resins Instagram page.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

2015 Holiday Hunt Part Two - Mini Tuttz Cats!

As promised the Tuttz Mini 3.5 inch resin cats will now be added to this years 2015  Holiday Hunt starting tonight (Tues. Dec. 22nd)  and will be randomly released in the online STORE going through Christmas all the way to New Years. Some of them will glow in the dark and some will match the ongoing 8 inch Tuttz OG Holiday Hunt cats still being released. They are also part of the Grandmas House anything goes series so who knows what will show up style wise.
Good luck and happy hunting!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Holiday Hunt 2015 Starts Now!

It's that time of year again when Argonaut Resins starts the annual Holiday Hunt in which a resin figurine will be released at random in the online STORE all hours of the days and nights going through Christmas all the way to New Years. There may even be a few blind boxes thrown in just to make things fun and not versions will be shown in the posted images. 
This years Holiday Hunt will feature the Tuttz OG 6.5 inch cats cast in glittery confetti (and some will glow in the dark) for $75 shipped in the US.
Holiday Hunt starts today - Wednesday Dec. 9th and there will be 25 resin cast Tuttz OG cats to complete this series.
If you have any questions about this years Holiday Hunt you can email me here at - argonautresins(at)
Good luck!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

My Way Overdue NY Comic Con 2015 Post

Sorry about posting about the 2015 Comic Con so late, my bad. Don't worry though as I have been very busy with a lot more awesome goodies to close the year out with so stay tuned. This years comic went very good and first off a few big huge THANKS goes out to Selina Briggs of the The Jelly Empire for sharing the con booth again with me for the third straight year as you know she always brings the fire and shows up with some amazing works! Second big huge THANKS goes out to Deborah Montanez who's been taking some serious pro figurine photos for Argo lately and mainly for manning the booth all four days and taking sales for me this year. Having someone at the booth full time who the company well and worked good with collectors and buyers really made the con less stressful this year for sure. Another THANKS goes out to everyone who stopped by the booth from collectors, new buyers and friends to say hello pick something up or just hang out. We had a little more space this year and it was nice to be able to have some room to chat and catch up with folks all four days. This year I not only brought new figurines but some original art sketchcards and some die-cut vinyl stickers and the sad part is I didn't get to finish and bring everything I had planned for the show (it wouldn't have fit on my table anyway). I had a awesome time and I hope those of you that went to the comic con this year had a great time too!

 My 100 original art sketch cards for the con.
Some of my die-cut custom vinyl stickers and a original sketch for a super awesome collector.

Some artist friends showed up and customized a few of the new Piragua resin cast figurines right at the show.
The foam cast spongy HugAbugs I gave away for free to little kids who stopped by the booth were a big hit.

The best thing at the show??? The Weta booth with all the goodies from their upcoming WarCraft movie. I geeked out hard at their booth.

 The cosplay was extra killer this year and our booth was right in the middle of most of it. Yes, our booth was attacked by angry ogres, but that's the norm at comic con.

 Godzilla just casually strolled by our booth without knocking anything over and R2D2 came around looking for free stuff, LOL.

 Doc Ock trying to pick a fight with Loki on our way to Artist Alley. Loki was like...really???

The best toy at the show was this 2 foot tall Gigantor vinyl toy. OMG!!! It was so hard to walk away from the Mezco booth and not steal this prototype toy. You have no idea. OMG!!!
That's a wrap! See you next year!!!