Thursday, September 30, 2021

Up Next - New York Comic Con 2021!

Looks like some Tuttz crystal cat fairy goodness will be headed to the New York Comic Con this year in early October. I'll post more details on this as soon as I can. New York Comic Con 2021
For those of you overseas (UK, etc.) you can purchase a 4 inch Crystal Clear Tuttz Fairy cat here on the ToyartUK website ->

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Crystal Clear Tuttz Fairy Cats Release Date and Time!

Hope everyone is safe and well. 

Been a minute since I dropped a new resin so here is the latest resin release news. The pandemic craziness has just messed up all my plans so things may be a bit random but at least they're happening right? 

The all new Crystal Clear Tuttz Fairy Cats will be releasing this Thursday September 16 at 9PM Est. time in the Argonaut Resins online store ->

Standing at 4 inches tall these 3dprinted clear resins will come with a custom signed box, signed and numbered Certificate Of Authenticity and wrapped in the all new exclusive Tuttz cat gift wrapping paper. This first wave is limited to 50 pieces worldwide and will go for $50 each (plus $5 for shipping and handling in the US).

NOTE : (Six of these Tuttz clear cat fairy pieces are now available in the Toy Art UK online store overseas -

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

No Two And Done...

 There'll be be no two and done!

The 6th Prince book 3 is done and heading off to the printer soon. Here is a preview of book 3 in the back of book 2! The goal was to try and get 3 books out this year and the last 2 next year (fingers crossed). Big huge thanks for those of you who have grabbed the first 2 books, much appreciated!
Yall rock!

Get The 6th Prince Tuttz cat graphic novels 1 and 2 in the online store at ->