Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Customs Releasing Today At 12 Noon!

This year's Halloween resin release will feature Tuttz Mini, Pharaoh Hound Mini's and Sucio Mouse customs by artists Soko Cat (The Mummies set) and Adam Pratt (aka Small Angry Monster - The Darth Maul and Glow in the dark Spirits sets). These customs will be available today in the online STORE at 12 noon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Available Now In The Online store!

The last of the Series 5 Sparkly Cats Tuttz mini's that were showcased at the New York Comic Con are now available in the online STORE. Each Tuttz cat stand at 3.5 inches tall and each comes with a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed on their bottoms and on the custom box packaging. Up next is the custom Halloween releases with guest artists Soko Cat and Adam Pratt (aka/ Small Angry Monster) so stay tuned!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Comic Con Wrap up Part 2 of 2!

Here are some of the items that made it back from the New York Comic con last weekend that are now available in the online STORE. Some pearl cast pieces from myself and some pieces from Clinton Yaws, Laura Alvarez, and Angella Powell. Also loaded up are a few more images from the show of the team at work and people who stopped by the booth along with a few fans, cosplayers and friends on the collectibles scene.

It was a pleasure to watch Rich Page get busy on a live custom that sold pretty quick. UK representing for the win!

 When a big time collector, friend and fan comes by and asks for a sketch I dropped everything and got busy, rusty or not. Thanks Mark!
 Mr. Mark Maksimik very happy with his live sketch.
Speaking of winning Rich Page won the "Best Resin" category at The Designer Toy Awards. Congrats buddy!

The super awesome Regine Sawyer of Lockett Down Productions stopped by for a photo op with Selina and Laura. 

One of my favorite pics from the con showing the ladies doing what we do - amazing live art at the booth!!!

Some of the wicked art the ladies knocked out at the show. I know which one is mines!!!

 We brought a lot of goodies this year, probably the most ever for one show (I'm still feeling con lag...)

There were about a zillion cosplayers at the con this year and they were not playing around, looking all fab and what not.

 Great people, great con, great experience. What more can you ask for...we will be back!

 Senor JellyBot plush patrolled the booth all four days till he and his cohorts got sold out.

 In case anybody messed with us we'd send over the toweringly talented Jon Paul Kaiser to take care of business, UK style.
Thank you all and we hope to see you next year!