Sunday, July 24, 2011

Argo Dunks....Blood and Sky..

Purple Haze is next! Rolling with the Cookies-N-Cream crew again. More info coming soon.

Monday, July 18, 2011

I still like BubbleGum...

Bubblegum Tuttz (Wave 3!) are back and they're bringing some little friends (5 matching Tuttz Mini's) and special guests (3 matching JellyBots) courtesy of The Jelly Empire with them! Each big Tuttz will come with custom hand made vinyl Tuttz bag packaging made by Terrence O'Neal of Obed Board Bags. Keep watch here as I'll post more images and a release date for this wave.

There are only 7 of these left from the initial 24 pieces that were made and the last 2 will be available at the New York Comic Con in October. Only 5 will be released this week. For those who missed the first two sold out waves (check it) -
BubbleGum Tuttz Wave 1
BubbleGum Tuttz wave 2

Thursday, July 14, 2011

JellyBot art contest 1st place prize shipping out....

...tomorrow! Congratulations to the lucky winner and big thanks to all who entered.

The runner up JellyBot prize will ship next week and it will be blind boxed!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Online Store Opens tonight!!!

I'll be releasing the last 7 Tuttz Mini's form Series 4 tonight at 9PM est. time! I'm debuting a all new colorway in this batch - Iridescent Turquoise!!! There will be no blind boxing, no GOLDEN TICKET and no limit per buyer on these. Don't be late!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wave 3 Jelly Bots on Sale today!!!

You can get your Jelly Bot fix from The Jelly Empire today at 3PM Est. time in Selina's online Etsey store right HERE! Hope you like Selina's new jazzy packaging - the girl ain't messing around, haha! You know you just can't trust us because things tend to get a little crazy around these parts so - let's see what we got...hmmm....clear tints, GID's (the two solid pink ones glow!), a all white DIY (for you awesome customizers out there) and some solid colored Jelly Bots...and....

How about a few custom Jelly Surfers...? (Rumor has it they fight sharks and all that)...and...
Some accessorized Zombie Bots, a new GID WereWolf Bot and a all new GID Franken Bot!

But wait!!! There's more - check out Selina's BLOG to see the last two super surprises!