Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vlad is back!

I recently reteamed with Jared Deal to release a new modified resin Vladimir figure. We released the first Vlad version 3 years ago on Halloween and the entire wave of 26 pieces sold out. That Vlad was wearing a suit and to help celebrate Argonaut Resins 3 year anniversary the new Vlad is wearing a tuxedo!!! This new Vlad Montana Edition will be releasing on Friday, Nov. 11th and there will only be a few of this particular colorway.

I'll give you one guess why it's called the "Montana" Edition...haha!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Online Store Opens tonight!!! (ALL SOLD OUT!)

The online STORE will open tonight at 10PM Est. time and will remain open all week! I will continue to add new items to the batch that are already in the store now so check in frequently to see the new add ins. I may even throw in a few chase blind boxes for the Series 6 Tuttz Minis. If you missed out at the New York Comic Con last week I will have some items repeated that were there at that show (just a few!!!) plus a few surprises!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kings of New York Poster Print is now available!

The 11 x 17 Tuttz and Pharaoh Hound New York Comic Con glossy poster/print is now available in the online store HERE. The uber talented Rich Page whipped this one up exclusively for Argonaut Resins for the Comic Con and we have a few left. I will sign them up and they will ship rolled in a cardboard tube for $12 each (includes shipping and handling).

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thank you!!!

Just wanted to send out a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came by the Big Kev's GeekStuff booth on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend at comic con and waited patiently on line. I had a great time meeting you all and I hope all the craziness was worth it. Also want drop off a big thanks to Rich Page of UmeToys for coming to town and throwing down. Another thanks goes out to Rob Losito and Alyssa for helping out big time (yall rock!).

On another note we still have a few StormTrooper custom JellyBots (customized by Victor Durango aka SoundWave 810) left and will put a few up for sale online in The Jelly Empire store soon if you missed out along with a few other goodies in my online store as well.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The continuing big NYC loot post! *UPDATED ONE MORE TIME*

Keep an eye on this particular post the rest of the week as I will be updating it every so many hours as to some of the goodies I will have at the New York Comic Con on Saturday and Sunday 2PM - 5PM at Big Kev's Geekstuff booth # E7.

Wow! Rich Page is back with part 2 of the NYC con goodness...We have a Pharaoh Hound custom this time around to match the Tuttz shown earlier.

What's this? Another surprise from The Jelly Empire? All I'll say is that it's a special Comic Con freebie for LITTLE KIDS ONLY!!! This has to be my favorite project so far...oh wait I have more on the way...

Here are the black leopard mini's and seven chase leopards and some of the rest of the Series 6 Tuttz Mini's that will be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Argonaut Resins will be hosting a uber talented visitor all the way from the UK this week during comic con - Rich Page of Ume Toys!!! Rich wasted no time and jumped right in and started cranking the another one coming too! Watch for it...

How about some Brimstone Tuttz for Halloween?

Or how about some assorted JellyBots from The Jelly Empire? Got some DIY goodness in there!
Next up is the BubbleBum Tuttz regular sized and Minis plus the LAST TWO vinyl bag packages that were custom hand made by Obed Board Bags. I will be selling these last two bags separate and they will go for $40 each. The two Bubblegum Regulars will be $55 each and the Mini's will go for $30 each.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dynamic Duo!

Okay! Here we go...It's time to start posting about what I will have at the New York Comic Con Oct. 13- 16th at the Big Kev GeekStuff booth # E7. I will be there Saturday and Sunday from 2 - 5PM sharing the table with The Jelly Empire. Unfortunately Selina Briggs won't be in attendance due to some unforeseen circumstances but we are working on a way to video conference her in and we will have Pete Michaud stand in for her at the booth. So...what have I got for you? How about the chases for the Tuttz and Jellybot crossover sets!!! Selina and I are doing 12 sets and what you see below are the 3 Dynamic Duo chase figure sets painted by Selina exclusively for the con. The other nine sets will be mostly clear tints with another chase suprise I will reveal later. The regular sets will go for $40 each and the uber custom chases will go for $50 per set.

Stay tuned because I have a lot more updates for the NYC con on the way. Notice the Argo banner up top? What's that all about??? Watch that too for even more goodies...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More action figures...?

I've always loved action figures since I was a child and having a chance to actually make them early on in my pro sculpting career was a blessing. At one point I didn't want to sculpt them anymore due to the mainstream lines that were coming out became over saturated (and still are...) and I have to say - the plug and play Glyos figures produced by Matt Doughty and his crew have sparked things back up for me in a big way. Being able to add my spin on Matt's figures has been big fun and I've become a huge fan of the Glyos lines. Thanks Matt!!! are some newer teaser images of the second half of the Glyos Tuttz project I'm collaborating on with Matt Doughty of Onell Design. This second part of the project will feature the return of the Kings Of Atlantis in Glyos form action figures! Ha! You thought the Kings of Atlantis were all done and gone right? Not so fast...I've resculpted the infamous crystal skull head theme to fit onto the Glyos action figure bodies! I will also finally reveal all of the Kings powers with this release. As with the Tuttz Glyos we teased earlier the talented Victor Durango will be handling the paint work. As we near completion on this project everything will be fully revealed by Matt Doughty with all images of assortments and pricing.

You probably wouldn't have thought the Kings could share the same timeline with the Tuttz but the do now. What's all this about a war? Big fight? Everybody loves a big fight so I'll tell you the story...Once upon a time...

The Tuttz are looking for a ancient relic that was taken from their home world a very long time ago. They have finally found the location of a world they believe to hold their relic but it is inhabited by a race of beings older and more powerful than them. The Kings of Atlantis have settled on this hidden planet for thousands of years after plundering many galaxies of their riches. Everyone who has come to the Kings of Atlantis's planet in search of the Universes greatest treasures have all perished. The Tuttz Bad Luck Squadron will have their might tested trying to recover their ancient relic on this hostile world hidden deep within the outer regions of space....
On a alien world - there will be war!