Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The 6th Prince Book One Release Date Info!

The day is finally here! 

The first graphic novel will be available to purchase in the online store ( on Friday at 9pm Est. time on February 26th. Each book will come with a free full color 8.5x11 MotherGoddess art print illustrated by Eric Nocella and colored by Julian Aguilera.

The 6th Prince / Lost Cause / Book One - Created and written by Eric Nocella  
Copyright 2019 / All rights reserved

What's this Tuttz series all about:
Cats, Witches and Demi-Gods battle for survival and supremacy when they cross paths in this spooky mythological space opera.

7 x 10 inches / Landscaped format / 68 pages / full color covers / black and white interiors / 
$12.99 / $5.00 (shipped in the US)

If you would like any more info or images for this project please let me know. There is also a three page teaser preview of book 2 (which is also completed and will be up next releasing soon) in the back of book one. 
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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

About That Art Print!

The prints are in finally!

This remastered Mother Goddess 8.5 x 11 art print will go out with the first waves of The 6th Prince graphic novels. Illustrated by me and the Goddess is colored by artist Julian Aguilera.
I re-rendered the background so it would be vastly different from the 11 x 17 full color posters that were a tease released a few years back with Xmoor Studios at a few comic cons to start warming folks up to my upcoming series.

The Mother Goddess is a very old and valuable statue that plays a important part in The 6th Prince book series. This is my fan art illustrated version of it as a gift for those who purchase the first wave of books.
Up next - story synopsis and final promo images for the book release!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

The 6th Prince Graphic Novel Interior Pages!

 As promised here are some interior pages from the first The 6th Prince graphic novel titled "Lost Cause." Here you get to see some of the worldly tech and stylings from the overall concept that sets the tone for the series. In each story arc there will be some occasional flashbacks digging a little deeper into the lore and history of Tuttz's world. 

I did all of the art, design concepting and book layout over the last few years to get the look I wanted just right to convey the story arcs. 

Up next: the final promotional images and story synopsis! What's it all about?

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The 6th Prince Book One In Print Production!

Good news!

It looks like the first 6th Prince graphic novel test book samples came out better than I thought they would, whew! Yeah, I was sweating up a storm when the box came from the printer before I opened it.

So here's a pic of the final full color front cover, spine and all. I originally had only 50 pages but bumped up the overall count to make sure these books would get decent spine width. If they ever make it to any book stores the spine is very important when they hit the shelves.

Here we have the final book back cover full color with the usual "Who is Tuttz?" text line I always like to incorporate in things featuring that infamous cat. This image was selected to give a little glimpse of some of the tech and worldly things you'll see in all of the books starting with this first one.

Some of you may be wondering why I'm not doing a crowd funder to launch these books and I'll tell you why. I wanted to know what it would take and cost to do this on my own to build experience with full production and budgets all the way to completion. I was only known on the indie publishing circuit as a co-publisher and art director for Xmoor Studios for the last bunch of years. I did all the cons and shows splitting my time at my own Argonaut Resins collectible booth and the Xmoor Studios booth. Unfortunately we lost publisher and owner of Xmoor Robert Garrett (RIP) a while back and hopefully we'll see all of his work re-established and continued in some shape or form by his daughter Niya down the road. So, with that said, who knows maybe a crowd funder for the second or third book, we'll see.

I also choose the landscaped format to simulate a small theater screen to give the illusion you're reading a movie somewhat in the palms of your hand. The black and white interior is a throwback to when indie comics and zines started as most were done in black and white and I really liked that those books were done like that. Also some of the stylings you will see in the interiors have vintage old retro world feel and that was deliberate to help to give the books a overall spooky edge.

Up next - some teasers of the actual interior pages! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

About Those Books!


what about those books I've been talking about for like forever now? 

Well, if you do everything yourself guess what? It will take a lot longer than you think especially if you're learning things as you go. The good news is the publishing arm for Argonaut Resins will be finally launching sooner than later!

The loyal supporters and collectors will get first crack at the first waves of the Tuttz cat graphic novel The 6th Prince before I open up sales to everyone else. I have to take care of my peeps because they have taken good care of me and Tuttz. Thank you very much for that, I truly appreciate all the incredible support since I've launched the Tuttz resin collectible lines starting way back in 2010. 

I also still have to figure out the packaging for shipping since I'd like to add a full color print or two for the first wave and I'm setting that in motion as I type. I just ordered up a second batch of books that should be here in like a week and I just have to figure out what images I want to use for the accompanying prints. Since the entire interior of the book is in black and white I thought a color print or two would be complimentary. Up next - teaser images from the actual book! Stay tuned.

Cats...Witches and Dem-Gods oh my! Spooky scifi - here we come!

Questions? Hit me up here at

The 6th Prince - Book One - Lost Cause

68 Pages - Color Covers / B&W Interiors - 7x10 Inches Landscape

Coming soon!