Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Thanks for a great year!
No year in review, no reflections as it's all about the future - moving forward and all about what's next. Argo had good, fun and exciting year and here's to BIG things in 2014. Wishing you all a Happy New Year from Argonaut Resins...Surprise!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 New Years Hunt Starts NOW!

Due to the success of this year's annual Christmas Holiday Hunt (sold out) gift wrapped blind boxes and a lot of folks being mad at me because they couldn't get one - the 2013 New Years Hunt will start right NOW!
The plan was to start it a little sooner but my air compressor broke down pretty bad and I had to raise some emergency funds with a few quick sales to get a brand new one (THANK YOU ALL!!!) Having such a dang cool collector base who came through big time I was able to get back up to speed. The new gift wrapped blind boxed series will be a edition of 25 resin Tuttz Mini's similar to what was released in the earlier Holiday Hunt and I will do my best to make them all special. The wave will drop at random hours and will consist of all clear tints and some will also be glow in the dark (GID) chases and the price will stay the same - $40 each shipped in the US (all overseas orders will be emailed directly for proper shipping costs and methods for shipping).
Below is a teaser sample of what to expect and what the New Years Hunt blind boxed gift wrapping will look like. Since I am behind schedule I will try my best to drop a few random blind boxes every day and the release will go past New Years - so GOOD LUCK and Happy Hunting!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Terminators Are Back! (Sold Out)

Series 2 of the Terminator Tuttz Mini customs collabo with artist Leroy Wilkes of Kilroy's Attic drops this Tuesday Dec. 24th (Christmas Eve) at 9PM Est. time in the Argonaut Resins online STORE. The edition size of this series is 6 clear tint outer shell Tuttz cat figurine castings over - 1 pearlescent ghost styled glow in the dark, another 4 with metal cold cast skeletons and 1 x-ray styled beige bone colored casting. The interior skeleton design was carved from an actual blank resin Tuttz Mini I gave to Leroy specifically for this custom project, so you get 2 sculptures in 1. Each Terminator Tuttz Mini custom comes with signed and numbered custom packaging and certificates of authenticity and all six designs are different metals and styles. The first limited Series of Tuttz Terminators (edition of 4 - released at the NYC Comic Con this past October) have sold out.  
Are you scheduled for Termination?

 Pearlescent Ghost GID.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy Holidays!

Just want to wish everyone Happy Holidays! 
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thank you all very much for such a fantastic and excitingly fun year. Hopefully there will be a few more releases before the year closes out for anyone who may have missed out some of our Holiday goodies. Below are a few images of the Holiday Hunt Tuttz Mini blind boxes that will be shipping out all this week, so watch the mail and be good and put that wrapped gift under the Christmas tree...okay, at least try.

As you know I can't close out the year without some super uber surprise - so stay tuned.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Hunt begins - NOW!!! ***UPDATED!***(Edition of 25 - Sold Out)

What better way to celebrate the Holidays than with Argonaut Resins annual blind box Tuttz Mini 3.5 inch cat figurine resin Holiday Hunt! This year will have all new all different exciting styles with mainly clear tints and glow in the dark pieces mixed in. The Holiday Hunt continues the tradition of the random drop of  Holiday wrapped gifts in the online STORE (comes with a bow too!!) ready to be displayed under your Christmas Tree or ready to give away as a gift right out the mailer box to somebody special. As you know I get wildly creative with this project expecting super excitement from collectors when they open those blind boxes. The Hunt will go all the way to Christmas Dec. 25th, then the New Years Hunt will kick in right after that. Thank you all for the amazing emails asking me to continue the Holiday Hunt every year as you know this is one of my favorite projects. So, I will drop a few teasers in this thread over the next week or two as we go - so watch the online store and GOOD LUCK! 
Holiday Hunt 2013 begins - NOW!!!
Here's a teaser of what new resins will be hidden in the blinboxes.

The all new Packaging.

Watch out! There may be a few clear tint jade glow in the dark Grinch's hidden in the Holiday Hunt that may steal your Christmas trees and gifts!!! He looks like he's looking for your house right now...

Friday, November 29, 2013

Aluminum Cold Cast Metal Tuttz Mini's are now available!

The Argonaut Resins online STORE is now stocked with some all new Tuttz Mini's cold cast Aluminum metal figurines with a Edition Size of 25 pieces.

For this special project resin is still the binding agent for cold casting the metals since the metal itself is in a refined powdered form as it's mixed into the liquified resin before curing. The silicone mold is also dusted with the metal powder and a generous amount of the powder is also added to the overall mix.

There will eventually be other cold cast metals planned in Bronze, Brass and other types of metals in the near future. Want a cold cast metal Mini Pharaoh Hound? Sucio Mouse??? Let me know via email - argonautresins(at)gmail.com - and maybe I'll make a few.

Friday, November 15, 2013

What was in those GID Halloween Hunt 6 Year Anniversary blind boxes?

Here's a break down of what was in the sold out Halloween Hunt 6 Year Anniversary Tuttz Mini blind boxes that released last month...Let's start with the mystery white gift box - there was Ghost Candy Corn glow in the dark 1 of 1 clear tint.

Then we had some glow in the dark Leopards (strawberry tint, metallic tint and a tangerine tint) for those who missed out on the NYC Con earlier in the month -
Then there was the Orange (only 3 made) , Lime (only 3 made) and Red (only 1 made) glow in the dark Ghostly Trio in the pumpkin orange and black boxes -

The NYC comic con box had glow in the dark metallic confetti filled green clear tint that was exclusive to the Toy Cave table at the show and only 4 of those were made.

Thanks for playing the Halloween Hunt and I hope to have Christmas and New Years Holiday Hunt with some all new resins coming up next!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Testing 1, 2, 3...

Argonaut Metals? Maybe...
I've been trying out some cold cast metal castings on the Tuttz Mini's and the results are very interesting since everything has been straight up resin over the last six years. The cool thing about the cold casting metal process is that resin is still the binding factor and the metals are in a very fine powdered form when mixed in with the liquified resin and not melted. I've actually used cold cast metal castings before earlier in my professional action figure prototyping career and liked the overall results. I have a few metal powders lined up to test with the designer figurines and the first are the aluminum Tuttz Mini cold castings shown in the images below. The aluminum casts are very light in weight like the actual aluminum metal itself and have a cold metallic feel to the pieces. I even like the buffed look you get when the steel wool is used to polish off the pieces when they come out the mold. They still will also need to be sealed to keep them looking good out in the open air over time. Bronze cold cast tests will be next and those will be probably pretty heavy compared to the aluminum as the bronze powder itself is very heavy. So watch the blog here for more updates on this big experiment as I will be making brand new silicone molds, new castings, and having a little fun in the upcoming days playing the mad scientist.

Do you want to know what was in those 6 year anniversary Halloween Hunt Tuttz Mini blind boxes??? I'll reveal them in the next blog post so stay tuned!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Medialia Gallery show! ***UPDATED with images!!!

I'll have some of my resin work from Argonaut Resins along with some of the artists that have been working with me customizing some of them as well at the Medialia Gallery in New York City. The show is called Designer Toys and will make it's debut this coming Saturday Nov. 2nd - 30th and the opening reception will be from 3 - 7PM (on Sat. Nov 2nd). I will be there for the reception on Sat. with some of the artists showing and hope to see some of you there.

335 West 38th Street - 4th floor
New York, NY 10018
(212) 971 - 0953
Artists showing custom works with Argonaut Resins:
Adam Pratt
Clinton Yaws
Megan Smithyman
Emily Bee
Soko Cat

Saturday, October 26, 2013

The 6 Year Anniversary Halloween Hunt starts tonight!!! (SOLD OUT)!

This coming Halloween (Oct. 31st) marks the 6 year anniversary of Argonaut Resins!
But first, I'd like to extend a big huge THANK YOU for keeping Argonaut Resins on the scene all these years with your incredible support! Being a small indie company run by one person is tough and requires many hours put in to make the best product possible and that effort has not wavered in the full 6 years of operation.
Those amazing 6 years have gone very fast and furious and to celebrate this milestone I will be having a Halloween Hunt in the online store starting later tonight lasting all the way to Halloween on Oct. 31st!. I will randomly drop in some gift wrapped boxes of some new unseen Tuttz Mini resin cat colorways at any time, a few in the Leopard style (unreleased at the New York Comic Con, for those who missed that show) and a few in the All Hallows style. Also look for an occasional all white mystery gift package that may pop in to make things fun and interesting. All Halloween Hunt Tuttz Mini GID blind boxes will go for $40 (except for the Mystery Gift box - that will be $50) if shipped in the US, all overseas orders will be emailed directly for proper shipping costs. Are you ready?
GID Leapords ->
 GID All Hallows ->
GID Mystery Gift ->

Want to play? Good luck!