Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wealth King Peace King and Wisdom King...

What's a Halloween release with out a few chase pieces? Did I mention variant chase pieces...? Like I said earlier - surprises, twists and turns....Featured are the rendered metallic Gold Wealth King, the rendered metallic dark Silver Peace King and the metallic Bronze Wisdom King. So that leaves three Kings Of Atlantis left to show - stay tuned!

On another note I just want to extend some prayers for a speedy recovery for Andy Heng of ToysRevil who suffered a partial stroke. Andy has been one of my biggest supporters even before I started Argonaut Resins two years ago. He has selflessly promoted my works tirelessly and has become a really good friend. The entire toy and designer community will be coming together to make all sorts of donations to help Andy through this very difficult time and I too have taken up the torch and will donate ALL proceeds from uber rare Tuttz OG Albino (#2 of only 3 being made) chase figure that will go on sale very soon in my online store.
GodSpeed Andy, GodSpeed!!! If you get to read this buddy - we will be there for you just like you have been for us.