Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vengeance King...and a surprise!

Here's the last color way for the 10 Kings Of Atlantis - Vengeance King in a nice volcanic fiery orange clear tint and a lighter variant leaning more towards the crystal skull feel. All the King skulls will be released in waves of 5 mixed pieces. Each of the 10 Kings will have 5 variant colors and Cookies -N-Cream will release the first set of 5 before Halloween. There will only be 50 pieces total and that's it.

Oh...and since this is my 2 year anniversary release for Argonaut Resins I guess I should mention that there will be a blindboxed Talisman magnet skull accessory surprise with each order!!! Below is the finished sculpt and there will be all sorts of special colors with every skull purchase...Surprise!

Why a Talisman??? will protect you from the other skull owners so they can't use THEIR skull powers ON YOU!!! Up next - SKULL POWERS!