Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 NYC con wrap up...

So much happened in 3 days my head is still spinning. I had my first ever signing at the New York City Comic Con and it was a blast. I was graciously hosted by Matt and Kev over at Big Kev's GeekStuff booth. Here are a few pics courtesy of my really good friend Rob Losito (smack6102 on Twitter). If you want to know what's happening in our scene he's the guy to follow on Twitter!!!

Then on Friday night Rob and I hit up the ToyTokyo NYC con after party and met up with the who's who of the designer toy world with likes of JRYU, Chauskoskis, Sakiwaki and Drilone, and many many more. Don't know them? Better look them up!!!

I debuted some of the black and gold trim Tuttz OG's which is the original and main color way for the popular Tuttz resin that's been popping up and selling out all over the place. I also had some books and Tshirts on hand as well as few surprise chases and the uber rare Neon Pink Tuttz. Keep a eye on the Argonaut Resins online store as I will dropping some of the NYC con Exclusive OG's that were left from the signings, some rare Tuttz Neon Pinks, limited package deals featuring the Leopard and Albino chase Tuttz. Only one of the Leopard Tuttz OG chases will be made and only 3 of the white and gold trim Albino chase will be made.

Brian over at PlasticAndPlush got the scoop on the con and took some cool pics (right here) of the signing so be sure and stop over and check those out as well (thanks Brian!!!).