Friday, December 6, 2013

Holiday Hunt begins - NOW!!! ***UPDATED!***(Edition of 25 - Sold Out)

What better way to celebrate the Holidays than with Argonaut Resins annual blind box Tuttz Mini 3.5 inch cat figurine resin Holiday Hunt! This year will have all new all different exciting styles with mainly clear tints and glow in the dark pieces mixed in. The Holiday Hunt continues the tradition of the random drop of  Holiday wrapped gifts in the online STORE (comes with a bow too!!) ready to be displayed under your Christmas Tree or ready to give away as a gift right out the mailer box to somebody special. As you know I get wildly creative with this project expecting super excitement from collectors when they open those blind boxes. The Hunt will go all the way to Christmas Dec. 25th, then the New Years Hunt will kick in right after that. Thank you all for the amazing emails asking me to continue the Holiday Hunt every year as you know this is one of my favorite projects. So, I will drop a few teasers in this thread over the next week or two as we go - so watch the online store and GOOD LUCK! 
Holiday Hunt 2013 begins - NOW!!!
Here's a teaser of what new resins will be hidden in the blinboxes.

The all new Packaging.

Watch out! There may be a few clear tint jade glow in the dark Grinch's hidden in the Holiday Hunt that may steal your Christmas trees and gifts!!! He looks like he's looking for your house right now...