Monday, July 9, 2018

City Lore Gallery/Store!

Some of my new Series 3 Tuttz Fairy Cats will now be available at the City Lore gallery/store in New York City. City Lore has been carrying my works for a few years now and has been selling my Tuttz resin 3.5 inch mini's, vinyl art stickers, Gato Muerto lapel pins and some of my magnet resins. I will be replenishing most of the Argonaut Resins stock but some of what you see below may still be available until then.

City Lore -
56 East 1st street
New York, NY 10003
212 529 1955

Friday, July 6, 2018

Tuttz Fairy Cats Series 3!

Tuttz fairy cats Series 3 are starting to hit the online STORE now so if you missed out on the first two sold out waves here's your chance! Some resins in the first few waves will be repeated along with some new surprises so stay tuned!
I will be adding a few every so many days for a week or so and some will also be debuting in a Gallery/Store in New York City next. I'll blog about all that soon and will add more updates on the return of the 3.5 inch Tuttz Mini and the in production all new Sphinx cats.

What's this news about being invited to show some of my works in a big art show in the UK next month? What?! I guess I'll have to blog about that too - watch for it.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sphinx Tuttz Cats In Production!

I am fully underway with the new Tuttz Sphinx cat resins and here are a few production photos. There will be some solid colorways and some clear tinted glitter confetti versions to start with for this series. It's also cast in 3 parts so it will take me a little longer than usual to get them finished up and yes, I'm planning some box packaging for them as well.

 I was able to save the original 3D printed resin prototype after the molds were completed for future molds.

 The first test castings came out great with no mold flaws.

 No shrinkage as the parts fit perfect but I will still peg the necks and tails for extra added strength for when they get shipped.

 Some clear tint frosty goodness!

Next updates will show the Tuttz Sphinx art show custom piece headed to a big show in UK in August this year. Stay tuned!
Have questions about my works? Email me!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Tuttz Fairy Cats Series 1 and 2 Have Sold Out!

THANK YOU to all who have ordered the the sold out Series 1 and 2 Fairy Tuttz cats. Below are some of the newer color ways that were included in Series 2 glow in the dark and glitter translucent resins. If I make a Series 3 run they will be different from the first 2 waves.

Up next: Pieces for a show across the pond! Argo invades the UK this summer - stay tuned!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Tuttz Cat Fairies GID Series 2 Starts Now!

The all new 3 inch Tuttz cat winged fairies series 2 are hitting the online STORE today with the first few colorways! This new series will feature mostly glow in the dark colors and a few mystery colors (the ones with the white glow) and quite possibly a few repeat faux glossy glass colors from the sold out series 1.
Keep a eye on the online store as other colors besides the blues will be dropping in over the next few weeks until the entire 25 piece run is completed.
Happy hunting!!!

Monday, April 23, 2018

From Maquette To Action Figure!

Sometimes you have to try things as an artist that may or may not work and go for it no matter what. I took the Kings Of Atlantis maquette sculpt and turned it into a articulated action figure with a pretty decent range of motion. I still have a few areas to add articulation to but wanted to share some of the progress I'm having with it.

Here are the unarticulated maquette castings of the cursed king in a few different colors with no articulation and only neck and shoulder pegs since it was cast in 4 parts (head, body, right arm and left arm).
Now we have almost full range of motion with articulation in the neck, shoulders, upper waist, elbows, wrists and the knees. I'm thinking of taking a shot at the hips but not the feet (too thin for a peg down there). This will be the metallic gold King of Wealth when I get him all painted up so stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Tuttz Sphinx Prototype!

Whoops, I almost forgot to post these new images and keep the update going on the Tuttz Sphinx cat resin project. The cat was modeled by my cousin Francis Rivera in Zbrush and I 3dprinted it 3 parts off my desktop printer. Below are the images I put together in Photoshop to art direct the project as it was tweaked and retweaked a few times over. I still wanted to keep the unfinished squarish looking feet that was started off my original 6.5 inch original hand sculpted Tuttz that launched the entire brand. We also softened all the head edges (like the first original) and raised out the eyes and nose removing the carved in line work around those areas.

Here is the cleaned up 3dprinted Tuttz Sphinx in white resin at 50 microns. I'm very happy with how it turned out but the real test comes when the paint colors go on when i make the resin castings of it.

 Yes, it is actually bigger than the sold out 3.5 inch old Mini Tuttz cats. Who knows what other sizes may show up with this one so stay tuned.

The head and tail were printed as separated parts and plugged in and will also be cast separate as I have a few ideas to touch upon later as the project develops. The silicone mold work is all done and I should have some tooled and painted up castings soon. I already hinted at the what the first colorway might be depending on if I find the right paint to pull it off.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tuttz Sphinx!

I finally got around to do a version of the Tuttz cat I wanted to get done for a long time now. The Tuttz Sphinx cat concept will be hitting resin production in the next few days. More info will be coming up soon after I show the prototype and design styles for the first few waves.

I always loved the old world Egyptian Sphinx cat statue since the first time I saw it in photos. The real Sphinx statue has always been majestic, powerful and iconic, just a great brain burner of epicness that has stood the test of time.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Tuttz Cat Fairies 2.0!

I'm falling behind in my blog posts now that there are so many social media outlets to show work and promote on. Online promotion is becoming another full time gig and even more new social spots are showing up. Yikes!
Anyway, just wanted to share some images of the all new three inch Tuttz cat 2.0 clear tint Fairies that are now available in the online STORE. I was trying to simulate a faux glass look with a little bit more clarity in the casts and not adding any paint or rendering in the first series of 25 pieces. The bulk of the release will be the blue cats and it will be speckled with a couple of other colors as chase figures. Some of the chases will be duplicated and if you contact me via email for a specific color before I close out the series I just may make it, maybe. The Tuttz brand has been around since it's launch in 2010 and there's plenty more styles planned for this year. So if you are new to the fold or a long time collector I will do my best to keep the cat as interesting as possible and keep that smile on your face every time you see Tuttz!

I have a few more colors planned so stay tuned!