Sunday, March 6, 2011

Home decor and a shiney new Tuttz art contest!

The beautiful collector images just keep on rolling in and collectors are now getting colorful Tuttz figurines to match the decor of their homes!!! Wow. I have to admit I get a little jealous when I see collectors with more Tuttz resins in their collection than I have. I will do my best to make this year even more fun than last year with more Tuttz and some exciting new characters that will join him shortly. Thank you all for the support and lovely images - makes all the hard work I put into my projects worth every second.

Want to win a FREE Mini blind boxed Tuttz???!!! To get things jumping I have a new art contest sponsored by Jamie over a Kollectible Kulture. Go check it out, download the template HERE on her site and show us what you got!!! The last contest was so awesome with a ton of great entries and the talented winner Rich Page of the UK got more than just a FREE OG Tuttz figurine as a prize. I even thru in a ubre rare day glow pink solid Tuttz for his wife and used his winning design for a limited run Tuttz Tshirt! That's how we do it - innovative and exciting...Who's in?