Tuesday, March 8, 2011

As the Tuttz Mini release gets closer I thought I'd drop a little update on what will be in the Series 1 line up. I'm trying to add something from all the previous larger Tuttz releases to make the first series fun to collect. There will be 5 chases and a golden ticket hidden in one of those to get something absolutely free!!! More on that soon enough...On another note I have been invited by Carbon Fibre Media to partake in their Canvass 44 event - check it here! Gratitude!!! I will do my best and thank you for including me.

Wondering how big the big Tuttz is? That bad boy is a whopping 8 inches and goes into production soon. I may be debuting a little something something at the Cookies-N-Cream Toy Street event in April. Stay tuned.