Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Argonaut Resins 12th designer resin is...

Jelly Bot!!!

I've teamed up with Selina Briggs of The Jelly Empire and her army of Jelly Bot mini resin figurines will be debuting at this years MOCCA festival on April 9th and 10th in NYC. She will have all sorts of Jelly Empire prints, Tshirts, bags, buttons and postcards featuring her art at the show. ***UPDATED*** Selina will be at table # L23***

We will reveal all of the mini Jelly Bot resins in the next few days and there will be GID's (glow in the dark), clear tints, solids, jades, magnetic versions, key chains and a few exclusive painted versions by Selina herself with custom hand made packaging.

There will also be a few surprises included in the lineup BUT you'll have to come to the MOCCA festival to see what that will be. The edition size for the first wave of resin Jelly Bot mini's is estimated at 25 - 30 pieces at the moment.