Sunday, July 17, 2016

The First New Project From TuttzWorld!

For the rest of this year I will be mainly focusing on the updated Tuttz cat brand - TuttzWorld - and it will feature a bunch of new projects with the infamous cat that put Argonaut Resins on the map. First up is a all new miro 2 inch size for the cat which I had been planing for a while now with a different approach in production. This time not only will the cat be a 3D model but it will also be printed direct on a 3D printer with no casting and molding for the first few waves.

Below are images of the process from 3D images of the .stl file of the original Tuttz Mini model (modeled by the amazingly talented Steve Talkowski) scaled down from 3.5 inches to 2 inches to the UV resin cured print with the build sprues right out the machine to the final finished tooled up micro cat. Yup, it's tiny! Maybe I'll test print a one inch Tuttz too? Want some Tuttz cat earrings? Let me know!
I wonder what it will look like with some clear sealant spray on it?
Or maybe some colorful transparent acrylic paint airbrushed on top?  Hmmm...

Up next...BUGS!!!