Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Resin Is King project revealed.

When I was asked to be part of the Resin Is king Series 2 project by Benny (Tenacious Toys) and Brian (Dead Hand Toys) I needed a design that would be really small. The box this all new resin would fit in would be 3 x 3 inches - so I thought to myself what would look cool at such a small size? Then it hit me - a mouse! A mouse would fit in that box and be in the right scale and not end up looking like squeezed down concept. Then I needed a name for this guy and thought about how mice run over everything down low all over the floor, hanging out tight dark dirty areas we never really see....what? Dirty? That's a good idea for a name but it didn't sound fun or cool in English. What about in Spanish - I am from Spanish Harlem NYC (raised there as a child) so in Spanish dirty is Sucio. Bingo! Okay, now what should the design actually look like for Sucio? Well let's see - the style for Tuttz worked on a dog (Pharaoh Hound) but would it work on a mouse? What do you think?

Another cool thing was that was asked by Benny if I wanted make the GOLDEN TICKET prize for the series and if it could be a 8 inch Tuttz. Why not? You know how much I love hiding GOLDEN TICKETS in most of my resin series runs so why not. Of course the color of this FREE prize was going to match it's mouse counterpart for sure.

And that's not all! I whipped up a 8 x11 full color print that will be sold by Kid Robot NYC at the show on Oct. 4th at 6-8PM. Hopefully Benny will post a image of my Sucio print soon online.