Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Custom project # 1 is ready to roll out!

This exclusive 5 piece Holiday Custom release will be in collaboration with artist Robbie Busch (aka McBoing Boing) featuring custom work on my 8 inch resin Pharaoh Hounds. The Hell Hounds will be a five piece run with 3 RedHots ($150 each plus shipping), 1 blue chase Hell Freeze Over ($175 plus shipping) and a uber clear tint Red Hot chase ($200 plus shipping) and will come with a acrylic painting on the cover of each box by Robbie.

Also included in this release will be two 6 inch metallic tone EL DIABLO resins ($200 each plus shipping) complete with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (by Robbie and myself) each with a mini original 4 x 4 inch acrylic gouache canvass painting and custom hand painted box for those who may have missed out on the other sold out versions. There will also be a group of original art pieces painted up by Robbie Busch with acrylic gouache on 4"x4" inch canvasses going for $50 each plus shipping.

The Hell Hounds, EL DIABLO's and mini canvasses will go on sale this Wednesday Dec. 7 at 9PM Est. time in the Argonaut Resins online STORE.