Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Aaaaand away we go!!! ***UPDATING REGULARLY***

Starting now I will be dropping some resin goodies in the online store totally at random! I will do this everyday or night all the way to Christmas! Some items will be fully revealed - some will be blind boxed Xmas style! What will be in this Holiday Hunt - ? Tuttz Mini's from Series 7, Pharaoh Hounds from Series 2 and maybe a guest surprise appearance from well - ah well, you'll just have to haunt the online store every now and then till Xmas. Who knows you may get lucky...Happy hunting -----> STORE
*Day 1's Holiday hunt was a all new green tail Creamsicle 2.0 Tuttz Mini! What will drop in the online store next?
**Day 2's drop was a Pharaoh Hound - blind boxed and gift wrapped to go right under your Christmas tree! Hmmm I wonder which one is in there???
***Day 3's drops were a Onyx Pharaoh Hound AND a Tuttz Mini blind box! Guess what? The day's not over - don't sleep!

****Day 4's drop - Tuttz Mini - blind box!!! All hours anytime...watch for them...lot's more dropping.