Tuesday, August 30, 2011

El Diablo mini...? Vlad's back?

Yup, that is correct! How about another secret project reveal and a surprise on top of that!
Well, more like a teaser to be honest. I've reteamed with the incredibly talented Robbie Busch for another round of EL DIABLO resin figure madness. We had a lot of success with Robbie's EL DIABLO resin not too long ago and now we're back with a all new figure in progress and it's a - MINI!!! This new little guy will top off at 3.5 inches and we're hoping to have him ready for the big New York Comic con in Oct. this year (fingers crossed!)...

And while we're at it how about another round of "How We Do It" - sculpting the resin toy - with some behind the scenes work in progress pics of the EL DIABLO Mini.

Oh - before I forget...did I mention the Jared Deal's Vladimir happy bat resin (pictured below is the old version) will be showing up at the NYC con as well? How about a slightly different version than the first release? Return of the Mac...watch for it!
If you haven't seen the earlier EL DIABLO and VLAD releases (all sold out!) you can see everything on them in the back pages of this blog from the beginning or trusty Google...just sayin...