Friday, August 13, 2010

...and the winner of the Win A Free OG Tuttz contest is -

Not so fast!
We need to see all the entries first right? Check them out below (all fantastic and awesome!!!)

Who did all these wicked artworks -
First row left to right -
1 Amy Jenkins
2 Reina
3 Craig
4 Craig
5 James Anthony Haung
6 J Terry Stutt

Second row left to right -
7 Kyla
8 Mitch
9 Mitch (back view)
10 Reina
12 Kyla

Third row right to left -
13 Mateo Rand
15 Denise Cortez
16 Denise Cortez (back view)
17 Ly
18 Melissa Heldenbergh

Fourth Row left to right -
19 Denise Cortez
20 Denise Cortez (back view)
21 Reina
22 Mitja Pufic
23 Reina
24 Phillip Grider

25 Sancho Taquito

...and the winner is click here!!! Just want to say THANKS to all who took the time and sent in some art work for our contest. Also a big THANK YOU goes out to Jaimie over at Kollectible Kulture for hosting this fun crazy cool contest!