Friday, October 29, 2021

New York Comic Con!

It was nice to get a invite to visit and do a little vending at the New York Comic Con this year in spite of the pandemic still lurking around. The event organizers did a great job trying to keep us visitors as safe as possible with the vaccine mandate in place and masks had to be worn at all times while indoors. It was awesome to see a few old friends I haven't seen in while and get invited to a private rooftop party with the Comixolgy crew for the launch of some of their newer creator owned titles. I did a little vending on Friday and Saturday as guest at the WINC booth in the brand new building in room 409. It was nice to be back at the big comic con in the city and get to show and sell my new Tuttz graphic novels and crystal fairy cats.
I even got to finally wear some of the super cool new 6th Prince Tuttz Tshirts (courtesy of Mr. Mark Maksimik) for a few of the days that I went.
Hopefully I will be back next year at full capacity with a lot more goodies and hope to see some of you back in New York too! Big huge thanks to Regine Saywer of Lockett Down Productions and WINC for the invite!