Wednesday, February 3, 2021

About Those Books!


what about those books I've been talking about for like forever now? 

Well, if you do everything yourself guess what? It will take a lot longer than you think especially if you're learning things as you go. The good news is the publishing arm for Argonaut Resins will be finally launching sooner than later!

The loyal supporters and collectors will get first crack at the first waves of the Tuttz cat graphic novel The 6th Prince before I open up sales to everyone else. I have to take care of my peeps because they have taken good care of me and Tuttz. Thank you very much for that, I truly appreciate all the incredible support since I've launched the Tuttz resin collectible lines starting way back in 2010. 

I also still have to figure out the packaging for shipping since I'd like to add a full color print or two for the first wave and I'm setting that in motion as I type. I just ordered up a second batch of books that should be here in like a week and I just have to figure out what images I want to use for the accompanying prints. Since the entire interior of the book is in black and white I thought a color print or two would be complimentary. Up next - teaser images from the actual book! Stay tuned.

Cats...Witches and Dem-Gods oh my! Spooky scifi - here we come!

Questions? Hit me up here at

The 6th Prince - Book One - Lost Cause

68 Pages - Color Covers / B&W Interiors - 7x10 Inches Landscape

Coming soon!