Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Wave 5 Sketch Cards Sold Out!

The plan was only to do four sets of signed original art sketch cards at the moment but a few new characters popped up in the series enabling me to make even more exciting art. I added the likes of the new Tuttz Gargoyle and a super fun version of Tuttz as the Space Cat.
So yes, there was a also sixth series which I will post about in the next round of online info.

Thank you all for supporting the art sketch cards very much as I am having a really fun time making every single one of them. In this digital age there's still room for some original affordable fun hand drawn collectible art out there.

 Collectors requested more Space Cat so you know I had to make a bunch more!

I even started the Halloween teaser cards and those went over pretty good as well, so expect to see a lot more in Wave 6.

And of course - it's no fun without the Muerto cats!

And with that I will leave you with a baby Devil Cat!

Prepare yourself for Wave 6!!!