Friday, August 31, 2018

The Royals 2.0 Are Now Available In The Online Store!

Now available in the online Argonaut Resins STORE - Royals 2.0 Tuttz Mini / 3.5 Inch Limited Run Edition Size of 25 of each colorway.

The Tuttz cat brand continues with the return of the most popular version ever in the 3.5 inch Mini resin!
The Tuttz cat concept was created in back 2010 and has been independently produced by artist Eric Nocella Diaz (founder, owner and operator) of Argonaut Resins which began resin production in 2008).
The first new waves will be some gold reflective pieces and some onyx black and and gold trim 3.5 inch cat minis known as the Royals 2.0. They all will be numbered and signed on the figure bottoms and on the custom box packaging and will go for $40 each (which includes taxes, shipping and handling).