Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sphinx Tuttz Cats In Production!

I am fully underway with the new Tuttz Sphinx cat resins and here are a few production photos. There will be some solid colorways and some clear tinted glitter confetti versions to start with for this series. It's also cast in 3 parts so it will take me a little longer than usual to get them finished up and yes, I'm planning some box packaging for them as well.

 I was able to save the original 3D printed resin prototype after the molds were completed for future molds.

 The first test castings came out great with no mold flaws.

 No shrinkage as the parts fit perfect but I will still peg the necks and tails for extra added strength for when they get shipped.

 Some clear tint frosty goodness!

Next updates will show the Tuttz Sphinx art show custom piece headed to a big show in UK in August this year. Stay tuned!
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