Monday, April 23, 2018

From Maquette To Action Figure!

Sometimes you have to try things as an artist that may or may not work and go for it no matter what. I took the Kings Of Atlantis maquette sculpt and turned it into a articulated action figure with a pretty decent range of motion. I still have a few areas to add articulation to but wanted to share some of the progress I'm having with it.

Here are the unarticulated maquette castings of the cursed king in a few different colors with no articulation and only neck and shoulder pegs since it was cast in 4 parts (head, body, right arm and left arm).
Now we have almost full range of motion with articulation in the neck, shoulders, upper waist, elbows, wrists and the knees. I'm thinking of taking a shot at the hips but not the feet (too thin for a peg down there). This will be the metallic gold King of Wealth when I get him all painted up so stay tuned!