Friday, January 5, 2018

Happy New Year and Custom Color Fairies!

Happy New Year!
Thanks for sticking around my little artsy creative neck of the woods as I go into year ten this coming October with Argonaut Resins. The journey has not been a easy one always trying to keep things fun and interesting as I try and carve my own road in this often crazy art world. If you are new here take a moment to look the the archives on the lower right hand side for a detailed history of what I have done over the last ten years and when I did it, you may be surprised, just saying. Thanks for stopping by and may you all have a beautiful and prosperous New Year!

More Fairies!!!
I'm working on and will be releasing a very limited run of the hand painted micro 2 inch Tuttz cat Fairies in a few new colors. First new colors will be in pinks and blue translucent paints. If you miss out when they are released in the online STORE you can contact me (argonautresins(at) and pre-order some for a limited time and amount.

 All you need is LOVE Fairy set.
 The new custom colors with the unpainted Spirit style Fairy.

The orange and white Tuttz cat Fairies have sold out.