Saturday, October 7, 2017

DragonFly 2.0 In Production!

Finally got the new Dragonfly 2.0 bug resin cast up in resin and wave one is in progress with a planned debut at a gallery in NYC!
I'll post show info on that soon along with some reveal images. This new bug is 3 inches tall and I have a few colorways planned and the release will be very limited this time around. I modeled the DragonFly in a 3d modelling program and 3dprinted it on my desktop 3dprinter and what you are seeing below are the all new castings from that prototype.

Here's a scale pic to the Halcon Falcon and Sucio Mouse resins released a while back.

Here are all the other DragonFly versions with removable swappable wings that were released along with a super limited run nymph bug.

Here are a few color teaser shots for the first wave of DragonFly 2.0 resin bugs. Stay tuned for full color finished images!