Friday, September 1, 2017

The Sky King!

The Sky King from the Kings Of Atlantis prototype sculpture is now complete and heading off to mold along with a few other projects I've have finished off. This King maquette sculpture will come his lightning bolt power sword and a skull deco base all sculpted up from scratch. The Kings are going to be the villains of the Tuttz cat universe in the story called The 6th Prince I have been working on for a while now and plan to start showing all the concept art from it soon. Everybody wants to know more about the Tuttz cat and where he came from and he has quite a story to tell. It was a blast making the body sculpt for the Kings Of Atlantis as I had dozens of castings of the head sculpture laying around for a few years and it was time to finally bring it all together. Below is the finished sculpture with a withered, aged, worn and cursed feel and I hope it will look thousands of years old after it's cast up and painted. The Sky King figure stands at 7 inches tall and will come with the lightning bolt power sword and cursed skull base accessories.

Here's the finished baked Super Sculpey images of the sculpture with a finished resin casting of the head..