Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Toy Fair 2016! **2nd UPDATE!**

I will be at Toy Fair this year on Feb. 13th - 16 (Sat. - Tues.) doing my annual live sculpt demo with The Creative Factor.
Come sculpt with me if you're visiting the show or in the Javitts Center area as you won't need a show badge to access the area I will be set up at by the downstairs escalators (same popular spot as the last 2 years). This years live sculpt demo project will be a action figure made from scratch as I return to my old school toy sculpting roots. So come on by and sling some clay with me, talk shop and if you bring some snacks, coffee and treats that will be a big huge plus! What character will this all new action figure be? Watch below and check this blogsite regularly all the way to Toy Fair as I will update it and show all of the prep work buildup images of the under frame for the sculpt. I will sculpt the outer shell over the articulations all four days at Toy Fair so come on down and help me out!
Can you guess who this character will be? Here are some WIP shots to get you guessing...

The plan is to also make a warrior Pharaoh Hound action figure as a counterpart to the Tuttz cat toy prototype. Although I ran out of my oldschool articulation parts some of the pieces I do have ready can be swapped onto both character bodies. I'll explain all this mix and match stuff at the live demo sculpt this weekend at Toy Fair. The Pharaoh Hound toy accessories will be a long spear and a shorter blade weapon fabricated in the styrene plastic.

Here is the streamlined WIP underframe looking more skeletal and ready to be sculpted over as a Tuttz cat warrior action figure! Also shown are the custom accessories fabricated in styrene sheets that will be a battle sword and hook action tail. The control art I drew up for the outer shell design that will sculpted during my live demo at Toy Fair will be posted up soon.
Guess what's coming up next too? A know I always have a ace up my sleeve in the form of a surprise. Watch for it!

WIPs 1 through 5 show the control art I drew up to layout the articulated under frame, some of the articulations that will be used and how it will all be glued and puttied together. Items used so far are aluminum armature wire, Magic Sculpt air dry putty, glue, steel dowel rods and articulations.