Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tuttz Magnets will be available Sunday Nov. 30th - 9 AM Est time!!!

The all new Tuttz resin magnets will be available in the online STORE this Sunday, Nov. 30th at 9 AM Est. time. This Tuttz cat head relief sculpt will be an open edition series produced in numerous clear tint glittery colors and glow in the dark versions and each will have a magnetic sheet attached to their backs that will be signed by artist END. The first batch will go up in the AM this Sunday and check back as more magnets will be added in every few days till year's end in case you missed a colorway or two. This will be the next to last of the Argonaut Resins releases until the Tuttz World change over begins in 2015 (so consider this a Tuttz World pre release teaser for what's coming next year). If you have any questions about these new Tuttz cat magnets please email me direct at argonautresins(at)

Teaser for the last Argonaut Resins release is up next!!!