Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grand Finally tonight! (SOLD OUT!)

Series 3 Sparkly Party Cats Tuttz Mini's comes to end tonight in the online STORE at 11 PM Est. time with #50 of 50 ending in a trio of chase cats. There will be a glow in the dark Black Out Party Cat, a all new colorway Coquito Party Cat and a all new colorway glow in the dark Salsa Party Cat. This was a crazy fun Tuttz Mini series and I hope you all enjoyed chasing them down and who knows maybe I'll make another series (#4) down the road for those who missed out. All earlier orders will be shipping out today and in the next few days, overseas included. THANK YOU all very much for your endless support and I hope your smiles are as dazzling as those Tuttz cats you pull from those boxes.