Friday, August 30, 2013

The online STORE opens today at 2PM Est. time and up for sale will be the "Witch Doctor" 8 inch Tuttz along with some dynamic Tuttz mini's and Pharaoh Hounds.  The mask for the Witch Doctor was hand crafted from wood, and is flexible to bend around the curvature of the Tuttz's head. It is removable and decorated with ostrich feathers. The body has been painted in a tiki/tribal motif, and the piece is finished with a "grass skirt" made from leather strips.

The Spirits are back as well with four all new pieces in total. Two clear tint Blood Spirits and two clear tint regular Spirits (Hound and Tuttz mini's) all glow in the dark and have been decorated with a swirled abstract ghostly patterns. The red Blood Spirits glow with an eerie greenish/white hue and the clear Spirits glow with eerie greenish hue.

 Clear Tint Spirits regular GID.

 Clear Tint Blood Spirits GID (red tints).

The Machine Series 3 figures (White, Purple and Gold Tint/GITD and a few more unshown) are all 3.5 inch Tuttz Mini's that will be blind boxed. The Gold Tint appears to be painted and semi clear in the light, but glows fully in the dark. There will several of these blind boxes popping into the store at random hours after the initial release. The edition size will be 10 pieces (this is the conclusion for Series 3 Machines) and all the color ways will be new styles and there will be glow in the dark chases added in. I'll show you the first three - then the rest will be random and unknown. Happy hunting and good luck!