Monday, June 17, 2013

Rolling out some GID's finally...

I'll be adding some new resins to the online store tomorrow night (Tues. June 18th at 10 PM Est. time). There will be some limited glow in the dark Tuttz, Hounds and Sucios showing up. There will also be some smokey Passion Fire Tuttz Mini's available for those who have missed out and have asked for a few more to be made.

Note: Natural sunlight charging makes these GID resins glow better than using a light bulb. FYI

 GID Pharaoh Hound Mini.
 GID Sucio mouse.
 GID Tuttz Mini.
There will also be a few Kings Of Atlantis mini resin GID skulls and clear tints available too.

 GID Blood Shadow King skull.

Wait till you see what's coming up next!!! Here's a teaser and its called "Cursed."