Friday, March 29, 2013

MoCCA Festival 2013! ***UPDATING Daily!***

Keep an eye on this post as I will be updating it with what I will be bringing with me to MoCCA Festival NYC this year. I will be at table #C90 with the uber talented The Jelly Empire and there will be cross overs galore and special customs from some of my favorite artists too.
Here we go ->
First up is the all new Pharaoh Hound Mini resin (sculpted, cast, molded and painted by me END) which will be debuting at MoCCA Fest. The Hound stands at 5 inches tall and will come in many colors and styles! How many Hounds and what colors are going to MoCCA??? Watch below and stay tuned!
*** The first Pharaoh Hound Mini color ways for Series 1- Edition of 10 showing up at MoCCA with matching Tuttz Mini's and Sucio mice...I'll release the 10th set online after the show.

*** I'll have some articulated resin colorful Obots on the table for sale this weekend too representing the fine folks at Carbon Fibre Media!

*** Here's another updated teaser of the MoCCA show resin troop build up...almost done!

***There will be one full Jurassic clear tint resin set on the table at MoCCA. This set will feature the first cast clear tint Pharaoh Hound Mini, a Tuttz Mini and a Sucio mouse.

***Uber talented artist Clinton Yaws is back with the first custom ever of the Sucio mouse resin called - "Voodoo Circus Sucio!" I'll have this guy on the table for sale at MoCCA! If you want to see more images of this wicked custom hit Clinton's link above and check out all the other fabulous customs he's done with Argo too..

 ***Ginger Bread Pharaoh Hound Mini with matching Tuttz Mini and Sucio mouse...

 Shown below is the popular Onxy colorway.

 The 5 inch Hound next to the 3.5 inch Tuttz Mini...
 The 5 inch Pharaoh Hound Mini next to the 8 inch version...